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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

[Art][Darkover] Comynara Sythra Aldaran-Serrais

Some Freak Storm
(c) 2023 Kyrinn S. Eis

Hey, Babe,


I went into work yesterday, the lights were off, and the Detex wand was lying there, so i settled in; I still had about an three-quarters of an hour until clock-in.  I was fairly certain it hadn't been unmanned prior to my shift, but until I saw on the monitors A[]n walking around, without the wand, I hadn't been certain of who it was.  The interesting thing is that [A] is normally the fellow who relieves me, so this either meant that he had pulled a double and would then relieve me in eight hours, or I couldn't figure it.  I relieved him, he handed off the Security Desk mobile (I had already pocketed the Detex wand) and started my shift.
About an hour in, the Customer Service Manager N[]n visited me and was surprised to find me there, mis-remembering which day of the week it was, and had expected G[]e instead; she has visited him on more than one occasion, and this time, she had cookies. :)  Home-made peppermint bark, and crispy oatmeal raisin -- a first for me -- tasty.  Found out that [A] was getting paid the big money for his many overtime hours, some of which was defrayed by the Office, and the rest by W[]n Security, our employer; [N] was less than thrilled to be paying that, but, what could be done?  We chatted a bit, she performed her evaluation, and then had to go and pick-up  another Officer near my neighbourhood and take her to a Framingham to fill the holiday slack left by someone else.  My hours were whiled away, and I made my tour, ate dinner in the building management company/building owners' office, where I am invited not only to weekly lunch, but to snack each night.  I then completed my shift, and found [A] ready to relieve me.  If he's there again today, I will be mildly surprised, and wowed by the money that he has made.  Hat's off to [A], big-money baller.  Go-him!

So, that's how I spent the 25th of December.
What did you do?  Looking forward to your reply.