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Monday, July 4, 2016

Recent Gaming 2016 July August


After a brief side trek to another part of the continent and a lot of crazy stuff, the PCs are back in 'AfghanIceland' and finding out that someone worse than the religious warlocks (ironic, no?) and warlords is beginning to make things worser, and the PCs are supposed to be part of it (when aren't they?).  Apparently being a servant of a Shadow Demon has its downside.


GM introduced (most of) our new PCs in his FortyKay RP campaign.  Used my system generation tables and ended up with nasty etheral-shifting aliens; tough as nails (more than 42 points worth of armour and wounds), four melee attacks, poison that is worse based upon degrees of success, etc. Good stuff.  The big bads are more Kao$.  My 'Warlock captured by Space Drow  and escaped worse for wear' PC has yet to appear.


Last week made new EC UWoM characters with Gamma World mutations on a planet far from their other characters.  Had them each roll up 1d4 bits of Ancient tech: a lot of hologram virtual technology, and a blaster and ammo, but no magazine.
Main characters received goodies and are now fiddling about on an edenic world run by an archdragon in its pocket dimension where it created clones of the pcs which are maturing in barrows in the wetlands.  The PCs are carving weird symbols in the rocks and other fun stuff.