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Monday, April 20, 2009

[RPG] Ability and Critical Tests-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

Ability and Critical Tests-


Both of these Tests require adding the final value to a d20 roll, with a Target# of 20.
While perfect success is sometimes required, often, less than 100% is good enough to narrowly perform a task.

Informing the Referee of the amount by which the Test failed or suceeded by (T# 20), allows her to quickly determine the actual outcome, rather than always being a flat yes/no process.

Further, heed the counter-intuitive wisdom: Less rolling makes those rolls more important and the game more exciting. Rolling for every impromptu Listen, Str Test, etc., slows the game, and sets a precident for another roll later on.
However, rolling dice engages the players, and removing their ability to interact with their character's success (even when failure accompanies the risk), robs them of game-role autonomy -- they stop being a player in a game, and instead become an actor in a play.

Ability Tests-

Simply use the associated Ability Score modifier, and add the Experience value (1/2 Level, round down).
Unlike Critical Tests, Ability Tests naturally improve as the character progresses.

To use d% with Ability Tests (optional) multiply the modifier by 5 to determine the percent bonus.

Critical Tests-
  • Lifeforce : Cha (+8)
  • Health : Con (+8)
  • Vigilance : Wis (+7)
  • 'Concentration': Str (+7)
  • Experience :(.5 L) (+7)
  • Reflexes : Dex (+4)
  • Control : Int (+4)
(+6) Single Save #

The base numbers are then modified by the Ability Score modifier (only), and any pertinent Ethnic or Species Critical Test bonuses.
Purchasing increases to a given CT is the only way their scores increase.

I'm not happy with the Paralysis replacement, Concentration, as it is keyed to Str. My original tag for it was Courage, but then I looked at the core-class CTs and Fighters had a -1 to Courage.
I then cycled through a few and ended up with the very imperfect 'Concentration'.

I am enlisting you to (please) help me solve this issue, as I have exhausted my current batch of ideas.