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Saturday, August 29, 2009

[Playtest Campaign] The Isle of Slavers Pt. 1-

Tybalt/Darius' player was back; Delver/CiCi's no-show two weeks in a row, suspect something amiss; new player made a 2-Handed Sword melee guy --he'll be leaving each week around 8PM to run a game elsewhere; Ashta/Mela; Ymyk the Archer.

Ship escaped island inhabited by Qetswn family >> Sighted another island >> Almost ran aground >> PCs took ship's boat to shore >> Mountain cleft in two with fresh water channel bisecting the sandy & scrub island >> fairly busy pier >> only smallcraft able to reach pier due to shallows >> press gang combat avoided >> Notice Vrun and other non-'primitives' shackled, etc. >> extortionist fees to remain free (125 count per person so long as writ in possession) >> PCs enter tavern >> Strong (grog + ale) >> Uneasy >> Tybalt inquires after securing an educated, martially-proficient, orange-skinned (a Dokirin skin colouration possibility: range from Amber to Violet) individual >> Told that, if present on island, 1800+ count cost >> Hear shouting out in the courtyard >> Identify some of the voices as those from their ship >> Combat begins >> 4 Rounds, little damage to PCs, although there is plenty of action, and weapons accidentally discarded; NPC weapon snapped by Ymyk; Delver depletes most of his lightning-ring charges frying several 2FD fighter-types >> 5th Round I am about to Crit Darius when I am recalled to home base: Father has fallen for 2nd time >> I zip back home (20+ miles) >> 2nd try gets Pops into Mom's chair in living room.

Provided next week is on, I intend on resuming combat from that point.