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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Super Giant Stars in a Singularity Network

The Astrogator / Warlock got a Super Giant star (being exploited by a species of synthetic starfish creatures to lens a wormhole (one of many such wormholes)) angry over its exploitation, and as its lashed out with a massive solar eruption, the plasma filament was instead sucked into the singularity, emerging not only in the other wormhole apertures, but at the source.  this was irreparable, sucking the star apart and into chunks throughout the network of wormholes.  Many ships, both invading, as well as friendly were lost.  The fleet having been recalled from Arkay space were transported through the singularity to the elemental plane of Water where the stellar fragments promptly began to explode in novae.  Moving through the superdense medium was accomplished on the fly by tuning the shields to agitate the water into a bubbly steam and allow faster travel.  Ships were lost, but he larger ones were able to escape and find a harbour of sorts in large floating coral reefs while repairs were made.

Alien, synthetic starfish were thought allied with the Dsato via their mutual master of a Cthulhoid creature akin to Pyray, The Whisperer in the Abyss.

The surviving fleet, again through the actions of the Astrogator / Warlock was able to reenter normal space.  This is where last week's game ended in the main action.

The Scout / Psylock (Psi Witch) had to end the Astrogator's service int eh Humanosphere to save her being Court Martial'd, and had her join the independent Scout Service to save her life.  Her initiation into the scouts was upon the planet Emerald Heights, down in the swamps, and consisted of the player being encouraged through the process by me and the Scout player.  The PC confronted an undead Psi-Witch Warlock and killed her by dropping the undead into a Warlock Pit of Positive energy.  The blast KO'd the PC, but she awoke with maximised HP for her level.  The Scout / Psilock's Blindfighting duel will have to wait, as the player is expected out due to Fathers' Day.

Bio-enhancements were tried by the unsung Technical crew PCs who did all of the unglamourous work that saved the fleet, and one PC was less than thrilled with his pick of four Power / Mutation rolls, ending up (I think) with Doorways, kind of like 5e Banishment spell or Gamma World's Planar Travel mutation.

We'll see how this week's session goes.