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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[RPG] Wound Levels-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis

Wound Levels, Draft 1-

Wound Level 1-
--d20: +1 Threshold
---d%: +5 to 15%

:: This location has sustained enough force or power to render it numb in some areas, and throbbing with pain in other areas. Use of the faculties associated with it are at the above listed penalties (with combat lending the target a +1 to Defence in this case), until such time as the swelling and tenderness has subsided --usually within 24 Hours, or until otherwise healed, if sooner.

Wound Level 2- "Bloodied"
--d20: +4 Threshold
---d%: +20 to 60%

:: This location's condition is considerably more damaged than merely 'Bruised', and blood-loss is involved if possible based on the nature of the force or power involved, but may be internalised if from some sort of blunt, or intangible source. Use of this location's faculties carries a much stronger penalty, largely making already difficult, or particularly deft or delicate actions that much more unlikely. Healing requires rest and attendance, if only by the wounded individual, especially if one is to avoid infection in Urutsk's humid environment.

Wound Level 3- "Broken"
--d20: +9 Threshold
---d%: +45 to 135%

:: This location has suffered enough damage to break bones, even from non-blunt instruments or sources, and any attempts to use its faculties are penalised to the degree that such actions are almost certain to fail. Healing generally requires outside intervention if the bone(s) are to set properly. Many cases of breaks result in compound fractures, with bones penetrating the victim's flesh, and these have a markedly increased chance of infection due to the exposed marrow. Great care must be given in handling such wounds, and weeks of disuse of the affected location are generally the only means of healing.

Wound Level 4- "Battered"
--Actions no longer possible
---Location is barely attached, and is beyond field surgery

:: This location, as above, has suffered such extensive trauma, that bones are broken. However, in this degree of impairment, the effect is multiplied many times over, with shards and chips of bone loose in the area, which pose a greater health risk to the victim, as these may lodge in muscle tissue, or even be transported via the circulatory system throughout the body or worse-yet, to the brain. There is no natural recovery from such a degree of damage so as to have the victim fit and whole without medical or other superior methods (magical or psionic restoration, aberrant regeneration, etc.). A number of weeks equal to twice the damage points sustained is a minimum amount of recuperation needed under medical supervision if the location is to regain functionality.

Wound Level 5- "Burst"
--see WL4, above
---Location no longer attached to body; requires Superior healing techniques

:: Thoroughly unpleasant to view, and so painful to sustain as to render the victim almost certainly unconscious, unless the event was explosively fast in duration. As this location is no longer attached to the body, it is certainly possible for the victim to have already expired (as in the case of a detached chest, head, or vitals), or soon to be in that state. Only superior intervention can possibly save the location (and thus, possibly the victim). Months of recuperation are necessary, with a minimum equal to twice the damage points sustained.