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Monday, January 29, 2024

[Music][Instrument Showcase]

I best like the 2nd and 4th instruments demonstrated.

Saz and Baglama Video

My father had one like the 3rd demonstrated; he couldn't really play it, but a friend of his could, and it was rather nice to hear.  I grew up with that one on the wall and always wondered how to play it.

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Li'l bit'o'[Life]

Yesterday, with the sense that my hard-earned weekend would be over with narry anything to distinguish it from my weekdays, I walked in the sleet.  I reached the place, ogled what I liked, and formed a plan to scandalously spend illicit funds on ice cream.  Illicit in the sense that they had been earmarked for other expenses, but in that moment of naughtiness, I found great solace in my selections:

     * A five-scoop cup of pistachio and strawberry; delicious and highly recommended

     * A coffee-Oreo frappe

     * A slice of coffee cake

My walk home was fun and chilly.

Nearer eleven than ten, hours later, I stood outside and pled with my foreign delivery driver to find my home address; more sleet and wind as I awaited my Burger King delivery in the dark.  His eventual arrival and laconic attitude grated on me enough that I was not pleasant with the lad.  I went my way into my hole and behind locked doors, pried my hard-fought treasure of sandwiches from the bag.  An Original Chicken Sandwich, highly doctored with sauces and shakables-later, I was again mollified and able to put in a few more hours of my-work.  I have my burger for today's on-the-clock pre-lunch.

Its not a hard life, but one whose sense of meaning is constantly tested not in the little bumps in the road, but in the absence of a riding partner to pick the tunes.

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