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Saturday, January 19, 2013

2nd Urutsk Daedalists & Distraint, 2nd On Air Hangout

WARNING: This adventure is dark, and sad, and you may be pretty bummed out, or even angry by the end of it.  I feel your pain.  That said, it is a good example of how things in the setting can often be.  Also, my voice is terrible, as always.

Well, there it is.  Thoughts?  Input?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Urutsk Daedalists & Distraint-

Urutsk Early Spring Era, just as folk are beginning to leave the buried ships that served as the redoubts during the two millennial Onyx Battle competing with other Vrun ship-cities, non-Humans starfarers, and indigenous species and peoples.  The PCs: A Scout, a Cavalier from an Imperial family, an Aelbaan Sorceress, and a Monk

They see the outdoors for the first time, and as part of their promised and well-financed Emergence, are brought to dragonelles with whom they bond.  Now able to explore the burgeoning green of a seeded planet scoured clean by the Scourge of the exploded Galactic Core, the PCs fly just over the 'hills' and begin exploring a wetlands area, runoff from a glittering black mountain.  A couple of legless, tri-jawed river reptiles attacked, but were sorted out.  Entry to the black mountain found and explored.  Dryvv ship/structure.  PCs step through a relay frame into a population centre.  Game hold.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fantasy Map

The map I drew before my On Air Hangout game using my Daedalists & Distraint game system.