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Monday, August 14, 2023

WH: Solter: EVIL

I would love to learn Ballroom Dancing and use this in our routine.


Book One Metafiction: Kaleb Thorn versus Aelvryqh Vydqelph

     "Kaleb Thorn, mad wizard, regarded the dying Leer Jagger for last words; as the religious zealot died, the crimson flame took him and his body in a moment was transformed with twinkles of sparks turned again to dust and blown away on the aetheric wind."

     " 'Come foe, my blade has yet to slake her thirst.' --"
-- "Did his language used to be spoken?"

Klare, distracted by Syil's question, looked up confused.
"What?  No, Aelvryqh's time is a prior World Age, there's little, if any, connection to Aynglysh.  Well, -- I mean, William Woodhawk has said that Immur is an analogue of Grand Breton, the actual kingdom where he is from.  The Entropic Cross is, 'the Jack Banner, but turned widdershins'."

Syil was more confused for the information.
-- "I only ask because that manner of speech is similar to that of my world; I think that there are even shared words; Lord Carthy --"
"Hey, do you want me to keep reading, or ?"

Syil smiled, but tilted her head.
-- "I'm hungry.  I had a lot of forced blood production work today; kinda' famished, fam'."
Klare screwed up her face at 'fam' and shook her head, tight lipped.
Syil laughed.
-- "That story you told me about the origin of 'Okay'.  So strange, your people.  So much free time to play games."