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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sci-Fi Shows Older, Old, and Newish (also New AnchorFM Podcast)

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Animals, Kladraed, and Monsters, is my current task, translating critters from various sources as well as native weirdness takes up most of my non-pizza (non-sleeping) hours.

I really need to tackle the, Artefacts and Wonders, but I do need to converge the AKM and Cybernetics sections to address overall Artefacts stuff and from that, the Barbarian/Outlier economy, scavenging, and fabrication/production.


I sort of want to talk about Orville S3 Gently Falling Rain, but also don't want to.
I found it a sufferable dog-whistle which was trying so hard to prove their orthodox hollywood credentials that it interfered with logical consequences of how they were depicting the Krill homeworld, and bad storytelling is a sin, I'm sure of it.

I finished the final season of The 100 for the second time, and I have a much more charitable view of the 6th and 7th seasons, and even the, 'Clark Griffin is the bestest evar we had to come back from the afterlife to live, grow old , and die with her!"  -- like the, Mormon Bachelorette, who flees the temple but is still attended by her Celestial servants -- even that was not as mind-shatteringly awful as it struck me first go round, but that last bit does suck.

Classic Battlestar Galactica was the joy it always is, I'm watching the Logan's Run series for the first time since it aired, and rewatching, The Starlost, which I really enjoy despite its rough production -- Dr. Who primed me for that.

Watching what was it, an NBC show?  Revolution -- I love Giancarlo Esposito -- so much more time with him as Major Tom than Fring.  His facial expressions and bearing are wonderful, and I am really beginning to enjoy Bas Monroe now that he was toppled.

Rewatched Man From U.N.C.L.E. -- I love that movie.  All the characters, including the NPCs, are great -- the ItalianAZI woman is so deliciously evil.


Honest review: Kenobi ::

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Auralnauts: Existential Troopers:
________Part 2________________

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Barbarian / Outlier Culture Characters III: Traders, Artisans, Beggars, Mercenaries, etc.

 AnchorFM Podcast LINK

Sorry I am a day late.

I'm also working on Conditions and Special Damage Types, Critters, and, Daily Life.

I could use some additional Good Thoughts; appreciated.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Second Installment in Creating a Barbarian or Outlier Culture Character

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My hope to publish Auldgory before July 4th is looking less likely, but I'll keep at it.

A B/X framework for an Urutsk product is being hatched as we ... er, speak.