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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Nights Hangout Crew

Other Human Martial Arts Warrior
Numeneurian Psi-Witch

Aelbaan Astrogator/Lesser Psychic

Vael-Kyn Criminal/Security Officer (Bad Cop)


W40k Commissar

20ish Vrun Warriors under his command and eating up his inspirational comments about the Imperium, and the Emperor

* Big Earthlike planet coinhabited by Chaotic Amphibians and their Chaotic Cloister Humanoids
* Humans (including Vrun) taken captive by the aforementioned baddies
* Campaign to recover the humans by Commissar leads group through gateway to Elemental Chaos (equal parts Air, Water, Earth, Fire)
* Fights inside vast complex
* Enervation stations feed raw chaos reactor
* N/PC disruption causes instability which in turn causes a chain reaction ignition of Chaos Star (Tyrant Star?) which begins to consume everything in area
* N/PCs manage to escape, losing 6 non-Vrun passengers
* Find shelter with D&D types on a _-Jammer craft, to which they sacrifice a magical suit of Paladin Full Plate for more power; its former owner a fallen comrade of the D&D NPCs
* Looking to leave the Plane before things get worse