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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Clone Waiting in the Wings

Eleis had a clone made by her forebearer, the Mummy Lich, and had a phylactery from the Wraith King, but then she had a new clone made by the Dryvv in the basalt mountains to the north west of the buried ship.  These Dryvv provided her with a chance to add spells to her book, and she added Chain Lightning, and Flesh to Stone.  They had hired her to spy for them on the buried ship.  They also asked her to deal with a mutant -- a Drider -- that they could not deal with.

Eleis tried her best to remain outside of the drider's lair, but was (at one point ) literally caught in her web, and although very cautious and using her spells well, ultimately fell prey to a net which grappled and restrained her.  It was in this state that Elis was (Person) Held, and then beheaded.  She awoke in her clone [I was thinking of the Simulacrum which is reduced in power, but Clone is at full power of that sample taken], and vowed to reclaim her possessions.

So, John, I was wrong when I said she is only 6th.  Eleis is actually still 9th on the verge of 10th level.  All you need to do is get your gear (and finish-off the drider).