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Friday, May 15, 2009

[RPG] Two Combos-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis All Rights Reserved

Two combos:

* Machine Doctor (2781)
(1d4M+1d4|+2/CT Vigil, Ctrl|Assay +33 [12/]|Concoct +15 [17/]|Design +15 [14/]|Draft +25 [4/]|Formulate +25 [14/]|Healing +33 [8/]|Repair +33 [12/]|Tech Lore +15 [14/])

Cyborgism is a condition of the time of the Ancients that has permitted only limited study through the centuries until recent developments in the Kherstic fields. Your specialist knowledge of how best to save living tissue, coupled with your understanding of machinery have forged you into a practising member of singular profession: Machine Doctor, capable of fusing the two into one.

* Crystalsmith (3739)
(1d4+1d6M|+1 PAB|+3/CT Life, Vigil, Ctrl|Design +15 [14/]|Draft +25 [4/]|Psychic Tracking +25 [15/]|Repair +33 [12/]|Tech Lore +15 [14/]|Moderate Caster|3-0th, 1-1st)[Charm, Clairvoyance-, Communication, ESP, Fly, Haste, Hold, Suggestion, Telekinesis, etc.])

The Kherstic fields include the development of Sheramalt, 'Psychotronic', devices capable of conferring psychic states upon the operator, or others, depending upon design. Your most profitable products are communication devices, Fly-rods, and Pleasure Masques, but any psychic ability you (or an assistant) possess can be etched into a crystalline-based device. As these crystals are depleted through use, you ensure your vocation.