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Saturday, July 20, 2024


Hall of Mirrors

Images (C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Friday, July 19, 2024


Mirrored, and Yet, Unseen
(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved


_Simple Truth_(C) KSE


your elusive spell,
like alchemy...well, my efforts
are but lead to your gold.

Such simple phrases pleasure
in my hearing, your words ring.
The cleverness of unexpected
turns of phrase and rhyme-break
sucked me in.

...and well, I hold you in such
high esteem, not by hypotheticals,
but years and hundreds of songs
which you have lovely sung.

[] Your beauty you may style
[] Your playing you practised long hours
[] Your voice developed with skill
But that wordplay and emotive force
that's inborn gift, my

Aetheric Paths
(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
     All Rights Reserved

Silent sensual Sounds Sublime
Strings vibrate, oscillating sine
Shadows cast in bowed lines

Show me where they go:
fingers poised, under control
defining sight, and lo!
wending echoes flow...

Mirrored playing shows
places they're just so.

(C) 2022 Kyrinn S. Eis
     All Rights Reserved

[After a fashion, Donovan-like]

Oh, Suzannah, sannah dear
you were my first
oh Suzannah, lying here
in the grass, jackrabbits passed
so very near, and sister dear
lies down with us, the sun so clear.

Peter'shedge on River VVeser
Down the way from Charlemagne's
river tower of olden days
Oh, Suzannah, sannah dear
you were my first

Thursday, July 18, 2024



Camera Obscura

(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved

Hey, Babe,
I love you. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Stones

Anita Carter

Flooded Ruins
(C) 2023


Wounded Veteran Returned from the Erazertus Edge Campaign 
(C) 2024

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Yes, Darling, I still love you.
Let's meet and go from there.
Animals Circling & Eyes Confirming.


[ DeviantArt ]

Green Ruins & Shallow Blues: Book II: FRUITFUL
(C)2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

They emerged beneath a great apple tree with a trunk whose diameter astounded Dinah.  The tiny speckles of starlight which painted the ground a golden white colour caught and fixed her attention.
"Is this apel ?"
She nodded absently, heard the loud crisp cleave of the fruit's white meat.  Wore a strange expression for a moment, a hint of a whisper of a tale about death's entry into The World.

A hairy man, whose face was half-hidden in shadow, bore wolf-blue eyes.  He was Silver's height, more  or less.  The man, cocoa-cinnamon-dusted skin-tone, his hair, orange,
"Come here, woman!"

Dinah tried to laugh it off, to diss him, but found that the power drew her to him.

"Kneel before me!"

She did, him obeisance, and ...more.

She felt him in her; abstract -- unwanted.  Clawed her way; dragged back; her head struck -- a swat, but with promise of more and worse to come should she--
Hair at crown pulled up as he thrust against her with mockery,

"I know you hate this!  Ha!  Stupid witch, you'll never --"
Her straight-punch was deflected by Silver, who then tenderly put his other paw of a hand atop hers,
"Dinah, Red Sister...  Is all well with you?"

Glittered silver went orange in his red eyes.

She felt violated.  Clutched her clothes and effects to her and looked about in fear-tinged disorientation.
Diminished, then.
"Had anything happened while I was ...under?"
-- "No, Sister."
-- "Had your brother, Lord Carthy, upon you some ill-spell cast?"
Had he?
"I -- I -- Very good idea, Silver.  Let me investigate further; I'll have my eyes closed."
-- "Mine are open."
She snorted a smile.

Very unlike.

Lybrti's Daughter
(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights to Her Reserved Worldswide

Monday, July 15, 2024

Sunday, July 14, 2024

 Carole 2


It just dawned on me, I have a 16-year anniversary.
I won the Story Award on Michael Moorcock's website in that era, and even Mike liked it.
Eleventh Hour of the Soul
Only about 78,000 words, but still, -- it was the best thing I'd written to that point.

Funny how time gets away from you 

Speed Drawing

Create OIL PAINT Effects with ACRYLICS


Faces on Film 


Saturday, July 13, 2024

Finland 2022
Photographer Unknown



Travel Account: Marissa Nadler, The EXIT, September 4th, 2022

Friday, July 12, 2024


Xaviinjan Sisters: the second wears the Arasoya, while the Green is a Jungle-Intelligence 'Root-Tapper'
(C) 2024


[Repost] [Travel]

Travel Ramble and How it Relates to URUTSK

Love you Marissa


Thursday, July 11, 2024

[AULDGORY] [The Ancient Domains] [Xaviinja & The Pink Zone]

The madness gripped every living thing
...All was blood and madness...
(C) 2024

(C) 2023 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldswide

Who Scared You?



[Update] [Lyrics]

(C) 2022, 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldswide

Since it came over me, ain't been the same
Like a long-ago friend, returned, reframed.
Constant pressure for me to Grey
----------Dark chorus of severi-ty
...and all I can say is: -- 'I like me this way.'

"The Plan" and much more; the path has grown clearer
Am I entangled, with my dark quantum sister?
Does apotheosis now hinge -- upon her answer?

I'm all-in, -- regardless, my friend;
Could never return, without Everything
Let my reach exceeed my grasp, --if -- needs --be;
Yet, let me see, -- nay, let it be me:
-- The Black Dawn: --Setankhaten.

Together (or apart) let my hands find the tiller:
Reforge the Mythic, let the days blur together
The surviours of Sunder, all left better,
While great ruins crumble --and, smoulder.

Four seasons all in turn, let Bison hunts return;
the Continent wild, civilisation re-conquered.
Let liminal rites, adult Humans-make:
Ruins, their trial-space --rank,
Tokens they collect there, for fablesake.

That SET gave me this Gift while my blood
yet flows: too much is left unsaid, and undone.
:: My fellow Americans, and my Human friends:
We've so much to accomplish: -- it just never ends.

Our need for deep change: -- we can't stay the same:
The Red Reign, is companion -- to the Black Flame.


 o     Written during my trip to Tennessee (2022).
 o     Amended 11th July, 2024.


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Pappy and Harriet's
June 23rd 2024

Since I respect you so much: G-d knows, you may as well be, YHVH Katan ,as far as my devotion to you goes, -- I have not told you one important fact.

On September 4th 2022, having arrived early, as I have written before, I had the venue confused and went into a diner to ask clarification.

It was there that [he] and I met.
While he was flirting with me, I was trying to be polite with him and asked again about the venue, and your drummer/bassist/go-to guy was the first to correctly point-out that it was, in fact, the EXIT, across the street.
This other guy, who I would later realise was [your partner], was still piling it on and almost getting in my face, when I declared, very coldly, that,

"I'm here for Marissa."

well, the light in his eyes disappeared, and he grew... bitter-cold towards me, with that particular smile that he has, you know the one -- and just bore in to me with his eyes.

I blew that off, not knowing who he was, and I crossed the street to then meet you.
When you were off to flit about and tell people whatever had just come to mind, before you returned with the smoke, I looked over and saw you two speaking.  He was not a fan of what you were telling him.  I think you two maybe even had a few words, before you returned and we smoked together, and your chair broke, but not only didn't you fall, but you held on strong, right across from me, and saved yourself the embarrassment.  I was beginning to feel the effects you had warned me of, and when you looked across the table at me, your look of astonishment that I hadn't rushed to your side, was tempered by my expression of supreme admiration -- as well as my eyes of love.

Beyond meeting your friends [f] and [m], [m] who had been very kind to me, you made time to chat, touch base, and as I have written, get noticed and see if I was in fact responding to your absolutely fking killer moves -- and I was LOCKED onto you:

"Her Eyes! Her Eyes!, smoulder-burning
Magnetic, animals circling
Ankle shown, bent, eyes confirming


So, anyway, I made a deliberate effort not to look up at you as you performed, and when afterwards, he put his hands on your hips, and you got upset, he turned you and said something about my gaze during the show -- I knew we were in for a bumpy-road.

Our Zoom sessions really weren't lessons, as you have said, but brief, monthly conversations where we both exercised a lot of self-editing, implied language, and special looks or unconscious tells...

During one, the one where you received both, Klytus & Kala, and, Black Rabbit; towards the very end of the call, he, off camera, said something to you which kind of freaked you out a bit, and I tried to reassure you that what he had said, about you, in relation to those two songs, didn't matter to me, but I was never sure if you had heard me before the connection dropped.  What he said about you still doesn't matter to me; I have made a conscious decision to love you, regardless.

So, yes, Love, I'm five years older than he, and my son is older than his, by far, but I think you will concede that I'm rather vivacious and ...tenacious, and that I love you with all my heart.

It's like that line from GATTACA:

'how did you win all those [swimming contests]?'
-- 'I never saved anything for the swim back.'

Profound love for you, Marissa,
HaShem willing, I'll be around, and we'll start writing those songs, together.


p.s.: Hearing you play and sing, MORSYLPH, is one of my fondest memories; Love you,


(C) 2022 Kyrinn S. Eis

Wind-kissed hill:
of verdant green.
Grey clouds gather
to wash me clean.

Long blades sway:
the breath bellows;
as first drops fall,
and the mood mellows.

Horizon sounds in rumbles,
rain-stabs like icy-daggers,
grass-slick makes-stumble,
'Christina's World', I stagger.

Suddenly! above my body,
--I survey the land,
caressed by clouds:
Fallen Angel's hand.

Lightning flash etched upon
rivulet-bed eyes of mine.
F!$t high in unheard song
-'Morsylph,-I, -not Undine!'

The mood de-mellows
as last drops fall;
now a breezy breath in
which long blades sway...

Grey clouds gathered--
that washed me clean,
upon a verdant, wind
-kissed hilly scene.



 o    I of III

--- That third one is all about you...and me


I thought this was a nice, brief and meaningful, interview, and wanted to share it.

This is part of her performance at that show.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

While you are not only her, you are still the 'babe on the bed' to me, Marissa.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Like your smile,
It's Electric!


The Game of Princes
(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved

[Excerpt] [Fiction] [Green Ruins & Shallow Blues] [Prologue]

(C) 2023 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All  Rights Reserved Worldwide


At ground level, the towers of Alnavranath were much more impressive. Their tops were like stars which hovered over the ground fog which otherwise blanketed the first twenty paces of buildings. This accounted for the majority of those structures at the outskirts, abutting the cliff face. Runoff had carved deep channels of now calcified, or iced-over runnels tens or hundreds of paces deep.

zZ"Careful, those calve off and anybody lost down one is ever seen again; that water itself is a death sentence."Zz

Mawzer knew this approach, and still, she had to study the lay of the land as it was now, and for the fog. Makeshift foot bridges were dotted along the way, and with so many channels to cross, the process was time consuming. Down here, it was easily twice as cold as on the plateau which overlooked Alnavranath. As they entered the slums, Sasko was taken aback by the number of iced-over dead. Automatons, 'bots, were busy hauling them off to other bots which functioned as a combination conveyor belt and reclamation unit. The sound was duplicated block after block. Sasko felt eyes upon him, strange widely-spaced luminous gold, eyes peered at him from just over the bottom of a domicile's window, until a taller whatever called the little one away and the eyes disappeared. The dead, too, were mostly non-human, and those which most appeared humanlike were still decidedly different in significant ways: scales, webbed digits, black domed eyes, misplaced facial features, and more radical departures, still. Feminine faces with black lips who shared a water pipe bit and sidled each other to incite lasciviousness looked on alluringly, but said nothing directly to Sasko, who then felt Zandig in his mind. It was just a signal to go to the 'com-unit'

zZ"I imagine they are the same everywhere, no?"Zz
-- zZ"Those gentlemen were inviting you to partake in a gambling match; so, no. Keep out of trouble by assuming the worst, and for stars'sake, keep your blaster handy."Zz Sound advice anywhere, really.

Mawzer led him through the pale wall of nothingness via the amber lantern, but the further on they pressed, other lights began to compete in the white. It was so cold that if he were to stop moving, he could had easily fallen asleep on his feet. Once a second, brighter, amber lantern entered his field of vision, Sasko charged where last he knew Mawzer to be, and was relieved to see her puzzled expression grace her face. He took her arm in his, and she laughed. She led him faster, now, and handed him the lantern to hold. In short order, the two emerged into a bustling open air market of colourful lights, strange sounds, and voids in the fog where machines spun wildly in the air. Bots were everywhere. Some sold items from clear cloches atop them, others acted as hawkers to their masters' wares, still others congregated in rows three deep with cables which strobed in scintillating rainbowed colours as they seemingly drank the light from buildings which hosted these banks of ...power-troughs... for lack of a better word. Sasko felt the bumpkin of highest order here in this dazzling display of foreign civilisation.  
Further, he knew from the ridge, how small this market must be in comparison to the ones he could see from that distance; this a kiosk to those distant port cities, by way of example.

zZ"C'mon. We're here to secure a flop, a--" He nodded. Zandig smiled, yes, he also was a crook... Her smile widened beyond the confines of her mask, and he nodded again; his eyes beckoned for the entrance of a drinking establishment, and she led the way.

There was a foyer of sorts, blood and godsknew what else-stained, and no one left their coats there. It was merely cold inside, rather than frigid. Everyone wearing a coat was either Human-looking, or something as- or more delicate. Life forms with higher tolerance were often, but not always, furred creatures. The noise was loud and indistinct, but not as loud as he had thought, given the sheer number of patrons. Areas of the establishment served different aims, and clientele; dancers and oh--...

Sasko looked to stay near Mawzer, who had already pushed her way two deep into the queue for drinks from the living tender, while bots dispensed custom drinks all about the place. Some flew along seemingly prescribed routes, but others were walkers rather than rollers, and one which he saw had a mostly human appearance, if tall -- most of that being legs -- and a feminine face with a metallic shimmering makeup-like paint-job.
-- zZ"What do you wish to drink, human?"Zz
"Crisp ellap ale, or Redjack."

The machine looked on and then replied with a drink which rotated out on a disc from its central mass. It was in a ceramic-looking container, tapered, roughly hourglass-shaped. He took it and sniffed. It was sweet, but not too sweet, with spices. He sipped. Ah. Amazing; some sort of blend between the two; a warm spiced cider with tropical notes and something else, something incongruous -- it made him think of the colour blue, and of sweet effervescent acid and coldness.

"Oh! I like this very much. What is it called for for future ...reference?"
-- "A mug of Morgenstern. That will be--"
--- "On my tab; here, scan:" Zander, her cheeks already red and her eyes a bit unfocused, happy.
-- "My pleasure serving you." The thing walked away in such a fashion as to never rise or lower, and seemed incredibly stable.

"What could one of those do on the battlefield, I wonder?"

Mawzer's expression visibly saddened, she looked as if she would cry.

"Oh, no. I'm sorry Zandig. Mawzer, oh..." Sasko held up his drink and welcomed her into his embrace, which she accepted.
-- $" many many..."$

Sasko found an unoccupied seat, and upon her sitting there at his guidance, another was freed up, which he then sat. She mumbled incoherently, and between sniffles, drank her ruby-red elixir, the scent of which was like that of rosehip and jewelellap and what he imagined the aroma of the reddest of red 
wines must be like. As she lowered it to unsafe keel, Sasko took it from her and sniffed-, and then, sipped it. His mouth was aflame, and he had visions of forge-salamanders and penitent spirits amid flames of purification, while over and above that sea of fire was a storm-wracked slate-blue sea with a ship in process of wreck. As Sasko exhaled, he imagined that he saw green and yellow girls with glassy wings and scaled tunics fly from his mouth in a trail of glitter. He laughed and cried, and remembered his beloved dead: [rescinded] among them. He looked about him at all the partakers, and understood that these were more than mere draughts of alcohol; these drinkers had come to live a different life while here and able to pay for the experience --experiences. What would the effects be of a mixture of potions? He thought better of it, and still drank deeply of his Morgenstern. Again, the ship appeared in his vision, and the waves quenched both the heat in his mouth, and the image of the flames. The ship was wracked, but the young blonde tied to the prow sang such a beautiful song that the sea, although still terrible, calmed directly before the craft. His vision gained a moving focus which drew closer and closer to her face; her beauteous face. It was then that she took on more androgyne features and he saw that she held onto straps, rather than be bound by them. The face was more that of a beautiful man with hair of golden flames. Hys voice was like a choir accompanied by a band of players all in precise unison; and yet, there was some sense of melancholy and dissonance, as if each stanza sung was just slightly precipitous and rushed, as if spoken before silence robbed the figure its voice, forever. Hir eyes of black fell upon Sasko and the sad smile turned wicked--

"Are you alright to walk? Sasko? Are you with me?"

Sasko could still smell the salt air, felt the waves; vomited and again, and just when he thought it over, a third time. Something red slithered off and flew away; it trailed smoke and chittered as it went.
-- "Oh gods! Get me out of here and to a meal and a bed. -- My head. My head!"

Mawzer empathised, and lugged him on her shoulder. Many others were in the same condition, and as new patrons entered, just as they had, bots cleaned the floors, towed away unclaimed unconscious or dead, and otherwise maintained the place in good order.

The cold woke him with a fright, but Sasko nodded in thanks. This was real. The bitter cold was real; it had been before he had entered that place, and it was here again, still. He nodded again and sobered more with each step.

zZ"What was that place?"Zz
-- zZ"Just another bar, why?'Zz

Sasko almost swore-off drink, but knew that would be a lie; he thought back to the figure on the ship and hir black eyes...
'Dabil Arasoya, temper me that I may master my desires.'

Mawzer looked on at him, frowned and then smiled sadly, and then nodded.

It was early light, and the fog was only more opaque for it. Sounds of industry which had been there all the time, droned on louder in his overhung brain. Sasko couldn't shake the singer's face, hir voice, the song out of time, not tune, hir eyes. He peered in deeper and felt lust and longing and love of life; those eyes of black... He almost screamed aloud as he remembered that what most bothered him was that of his reflection in those glossy orbs of jet.

Mawzer stopped, held him tight, bent him over as if he were to again vomit, but all he did was sigh and whine as he panted and sought to catch his breath. He knew that there was no time to waste, none at all.

"Let's be about our business -- we're on a tight schedule."

Zandig was about to try and calm him, but thought better of it: his emotions were of regulated panic; his concern about the time he had left to make something of his life; his one life.

All about them, thousands milled. Each block and again, over and over, as the city spread out to cover the horizon, millions and millions of lives ticked and whirred and clattered and hummed. Each but a lit match in the unconquerable darkness...


Sunday, July 7, 2024


[ Patreon Content ]

 Rule of Three


Blue Room

Saturday, July 6, 2024

See!  Captain at honour to serve with you, Ma'am.
(C) 2024

[Gaming] [Natural Healing]

A rules question in the T&T family of games spurred this thought of mine.
This isn't about T&T, and can readily be used by any D&D-like...
-- Please do consider using it in your TTRPG of choice:

Natural Healing (per permissible use)-

* 'Short Rest': 1d6-2
* 'Long Rest': 1d6-1

* Night's Rest: 1d6
* Bed Rest: Higher of 2d6, +1
* Full Rest: Highest of 3d6, +2

:: If the damage sustained by the character is less than the number on the given die, all damage is healed.
:: If the damage is equal to the modified die roll, the damage is cut in half and remainder dropped.
:: If the damage is greater than the modified roll, subtract the number from the damage.

Em and Bm Chords
The Life of a Muse
(C) 2024

I'm on a roll today

European Jerusalem


Was it a dream

Was It A Dream?

Friday, July 5, 2024

Cooking: Now and Then 

Thursday, July 4, 2024

[Urban Dictionary Blues]

The site doesn't seem to permit me to post, but I have a blog:

compromiseure , adj.-- com-pro-mise-yur, or, com-pro-mise-zhure.
:: the act of complacent compromise which grows into a habit of defeatism.

-- Jeffrey's persistent compromiseure marked his future as one of servile sterility and wasted potential.

From Fr., Brit. usage; archaic

[4] Erudite, [3] Classy, [1] Kronk

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

[Official] [News] [URUTSK] [561] [Days]

The OSR / D&D URUTSK Project by B/X Blackrazor has Deadlined and will not be renewed.
Any KSE IP is no longer within reach of legal use by B/X Blackrazor, under Jonathan Becker, or his imprints.

Wishing Jonathan Becker well in his other endeavours.

Beautiful imagery


Saturday, June 29, 2024

Friday, June 28, 2024

Something strange happened to me the other day:

I'd thought back to 'S' and how one day when we were together, Soundgarden's, Black Hole Sun, was playing and I felt really gross about what we were doing, and how I had stopped him and got up and had to clear my head of whatever anxiety was forcing itself to my attention.

But then, as I looked up the lyrics, the weird part hit me -- the song hadn't been released then, in fact, wouldn't be released for nearly a decade.

As that set in, I thought about who I was with when BHS was on the radio, -- E, my ex.

(C) 2024 KYRINN S. EIS


Thursday, June 27, 2024

and while we're on the subject of the collapse of critical analysis, and institutional bias...LINK 


I had to share > this < video again demonstrating how the media is the propaganda organ of control.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Banner Ranks Ambassador to Erazertus
Image and Title (C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

I had a girlfriend, C, back in college, and one evening, she, L, S, and I got all spiffy and were on our way out to Bennigans.  I was the only one of drinking age, but we had hopes that we'd find a sympathetic wait staff...

Anyway, C needed to go to the ATM and on her way back to the car, by the curb, she fell down, in between the curb and the car.  She was mortified, and told us to drive away.
I jumped out, but she had already righted herself and was so mortified with embarrassment that she shook and cried while I and L consoled her; S had nothing to say -- S was the guy from the previous story, BTW.

Anyway, the four of us were decked out in our best clothes and we made the best of it.
L ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, and was pleasantly surprised by its strength; it was the first I had tasted, and it was good.

Anyway, nothing much else happened that night, but when I spoke with her, C was still angry that I hadn't driven off without her.  I listened to her, but simply could not wrap my mind around that.
I'm about as Chivalrous as St. Joan and Lancelot's kid would had been, but she was some country bumpkin living in a city from which she had only once ever left -- to see a rodeo in the next county.  She thought she was nothing, worth nothing, and that she belonged on the curb.
I tried my best to nurse her ego, but she had been put away wet too many times, and nothing I could do seemed to help.

When she moved away, she made no attempts to contact me, and I let it die.

The day L and I moved into an apartment to split costs, he decided to tell me that he and C had been together a few times, and he wanted to come clean about it.

The next three days were hell for me.

Sunday, June 23, 2024


(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis  All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Oh, my Love,
That smile of yours...

Looks Yummy 
Can't wait to try them.  You game, hon?

The Ancient Domains, and 2 new Patreon Tiers for Social Interaction


* The Ancient Domains: Seven Points of Light in the Dark West of the AULDGORY Continent.

West Ward cantons of Lybrti's grace have long sought audience with the Warrior Theurges of the Seven Cities, but the few who have found favour have rarely returned, and in time, their communiques cease...

Will you and your Squad be the next lucky ones to enter the very different wilds and tribal ranges within the Emerald Sere?

Today marks the occasion I was in monumental peril for wanting to get laid.

I can still hear those powerlines buzzing.

It all started when, after having procured my learner's permit, I went with my 'practise car' in search of one of my boy-friends who also had a spot open in his weekend schedule.

With him picked up a block away, we drove off the main roads, down a lane or two, and then out into the relative 'wilds' of his neighbourhood, across the street from the abandoned, vine-reclaimed air strip  used back in WWII.  He had suggested we go to the shed where first I fired a gun -- a 5.56 rifle, also with him.  It seemed far too dangerous a place in complete isolation, and it already had the reputation and graffiti of older kids and their anti-social proclivities.  So, no, not there.

Instead, as we are out in open country with only the buzz of high-tension powerlines to music our union, I start to hear hoots and hollers of boys in the distance.  At first [] didn't hear them, but my hearing has always been superior -- so said the testers at school -- and while he refused to cease, I began to grow increasingly more frightened of what would take place should we be compromised.  When at last [] heard their voices, he -- the brave lad that he was -- attempted to flee on foot without me.

I was having none of it, and as I pulled on my top and hopped into the front seat, we were surrounded by three boys, with two more in a run to help stop and extract us.  Bashing of the doors and attempts to open them, -- and brave [] almost ready to open a door and run out, over open terrain, back to his neighbourhood...  My survival instincts kicked in, and after hearing about the plot of, 'I Spit on Your Grave', from my older sister, I was determined not to be caught and dragged out, or etc.

Of course, once his parents got separated, and then divorced, there was plenty of time hiding in his room, and showers, and whatnot...  But, that was one of the times I nearly got a lot of trouble for not that much satisfaction -- ' intch relief. '

Friday, June 21, 2024

I've been playing Othello again, recently.
Oh, I'd love to introduce new colours and moves...
Still, mapping the moves out for dice-roll-based turns is never far from mind when I play.

Also, I know that these special, End Game, scenarios are taught, but I'd love to see a set of 'pick 4' pieces, Chess games set up in corners or along mid-edge...

I must be getting hungry.

Catch you later, Tiger,

My Girl


Sephardim (very-)Short 

Thursday, June 20, 2024

[ Patreon Content Link ]

My window fan has arrived, and for an added bonus, it's raining now.  Lovely!
So much cooler.  It got to 99 today, and even having the fan going on low made a noticeable difference.  Right now its almost heavenly; if only it were raining more.  :D

Alright my Love,
Have a good night.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[Retro] [Meme]


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hi, Love,

I'm looking to buy a window fan to try and to tame this humid heat in my room. These 80F+ interior days are not so great.

Thinking about some of our conversations.
Plans to co-write, and well...  I guess there's time to tell you all about it when we do hook-up.  Anyway, some really lovely conversations and mental video stills of your expressions and that lovely smile of yours...

I remember the last thing I wrote you on the last session.



(C) Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldswide

(C) Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldswide

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

 Here's their other album I'm familiar with.

Love were a group which is said to have had a profound impact upon The Doors, among others.

I was huge into The Doors from age 18-24.

Da Capo 

Monday, June 17, 2024


Sunday, June 16, 2024

The first three bars of, Hungry Is The Ghost, slew me and I had to stop it.
Who would had guessed that there's still vital tissue beneath all this carbon heart of mine, ...asmoulder.

The Dame, gets me every time...


Funniest thing, I don't think I brought my can-opener from the previous place.
Amazon to the rescue.

Have a good week,

Saturday, June 15, 2024


I love you, and wish you well. 


Archangel Supervisor
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Friday, June 14, 2024

🔥No matter what, Love, I want you to be 
safe and secure on your tour. 🔥


Thursday, June 13, 2024

Sigma Women 
:: Birds of a Feather?

Merisah is running someone carrying her to Her Husband, Yskiil; she's faded into the back of the courier's mind, and the other swordsman doesn't even recall that he's holding her in her sheath.

I'm trying to find the right time of day/evening to record my playing; I have enough stuff to demonstrate where I'm at.  I'll post it on Patreon.

Everything else is the way that it is.

Love you,

Shade and Shelter
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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

No Horizon 

Haunting Guitar Piece 

AULDGORY: Wertahni Auxiliaries
(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Would love to do natural media art, but I don't have anywhere that's really conducive.  Any suggestions where I could spread out my gouache, watercolours, pad and waters?

Be safe on the road, getting from stop to stop.

'Spring and shower turning green'...


Monday, June 10, 2024


The last piece of digital art I did in the house before mom died.
She couldn't understand what she was seeing; even after I showed her...

New (at the time) brushes for Autodesk Sketchbook.

URUTSK: Flooded Ruins
(C) 2020, 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis


Sunday, June 9, 2024

Mood Guitars


You are on my mind.
I think of you and I
smile through my
tears alone.

Be with me when
your Creation wanes
and your Dissolve
waxes, on the axis
of parallel timelines
seen within dreams.

Four square, in open
air, light and dark in
I wish with you alone
to walk that slow
parade of dusks and

You alone,
I wish it. could be done.

Ten years ago, I would had just graduated with Green and learnt a Back Kick and a Spin Kick. 

The Celtic Otherworlds

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Mediaeval Guilds 

In my Work, The Guild Council, and later, the Guild Combine, sold everything and were not only the financiers of Armies, but the equippers, managers, and trainers.  This saved the Nobles from dying unnecessarily (TMMHV), and later, in more democratic eras, meant that only Professional Soldiers fought wars -- against each other -- friends, brothers, lovers -- all for pay in the same Guild, simply hired by different Patrons.

When the Sphere of Stars was established, life on the Inside reverted to this system far more than the centuries and millennia of the space age.  Within the Sphere, all Wonders were crafted, tailored to the end user/customer (although post-currency) such that the Great Works granted every wish and whim on the instant.  Sphere Citizens were post-literate, and in the Subjective Millennium they experienced in a shared calendrical sense, grew completely dependent upon the Emperor and His Will.  Those few who fled and survived the Starshock found themselves on planets where they had to work the genetic Caste-Clan tasks breed into their ancestors.

It was as harsh a wake-up call as being born.

All, Comers Into The World.

Friday, June 7, 2024


As we head into the weekend, I hope your days and nights are filled with a nice mix of fun and excitement, rest and peace, drive and recollection.  Happy- and well-deserved congratulations on your 10th anniversary of, July.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Pen and Ink Artist 

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

[Patreon Update] 

First Benefits have landed and now awaiting my Disability appointment in early August.

It had got pretty rough, but the place I'm at now affords me the freedom in safety to continue my work and guitar journey.  Big breakthroughs in all areas, and I am looking forward to sharing snippets with you here.

My old keyboard died, and now I am getting used to an even smaller (60%) footprint, so I'm still making little typing errors along the way -- always a bit of an irk which interrupts the writing flow, but I'm making strides.

Back on track.

I think that you will have to expect a decrease in the free content I have posted here, as I have been squandering my content on a largely unresponsive audience.
Something I posted a few months back lost me a few subscribers, I'm not certain what it was, but I hope they are doing well pursuing content more in-line with their comfort zone and to their liking.

GR&SB II continues apace, and I'm ramping up for the big confrontation of the series in the first systematic impact upon the world by the adversary force.  The battle in which Marcher/Lord Marche fought the undead was just a feint.

Again, there will be snippets here and there, but I feel that my interests are best served behind a paywall, and away from prying eyes.

Have a great June.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Regatta de Blanc

Sunday, June 2, 2024

My Woman

Little Punk People Interview

I love this one, because you are so genuinely surprised by Elliot's questions and your answers are so lovely.  When I found this one, we had already met in person, and I fell so much more deeply in love with you.


Saturday, June 1, 2024

Hope your Saturday evening is fun.
Love you Babe,

Friday, May 31, 2024


Enjoy your weekend.

I'll dream and draw,
and write of you.

Looking forward to
Our everyday life



Thursday, May 30, 2024