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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dave Arneson (Updated with Kobold LINK)-

I was always more sympathetic toward Dave than Gary, and now they're both gone from among us.

LINK to last (?) interview with Dave.


'Review' of Fight On! Collected Hardback, etc.-

I had ordered one copy each of the KNOCKSPELL/Fight On! Art of..., and the collected issues 1-4 Fight On! Hardback. Each arrived separately, with the art book arriving first. No big surprise, given the difference in page count.

The Art of the Old School product underwhelmed me, to be honest, but at least it was for a 'worthy' cause, and I can say that I have one. ;)

But, Behold! The collected Fight On! hardback!
I may be exaggerating unintentionally, but this book may as well be a regular format, as far as I'm concerned. This borders on the DMG for the Old School Renaissance.
I have all four .pdfs, and liked them all fine on their own terms, but the collected hardback is far more than the sum of her parts. Even the very scatteredness of the information, which becomes a sort of scalar repetition as one flips through the book from cover to cover, inspired me with half-conscious lobes caressed by hex maps and monster illos, cartoons and pages and pages of thick, technical text on a variety of esoteric and mundane factors of games.
I found myself grinning, then smiling as my favourite articles, maps, and even adverts flashed across my vision. I closed the hardback's cover. I almost hugged it.

Squeeee! :D