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Friday, February 5, 2010

[RPG][Milieu] Kelzsyn's Bluff Setting / Adventure Pack-

With Sean Wills' blessing and assistance, I will be 'officialising' ;) his adventure, and am still at work on the Environs section of the mini-setting book. More news, namely other names being added to the roster, may be forthcoming in the early part of next week.

At present, I have taken time off from writing and am colouring the first of at least two maps. The first is the immediate areas surrounding the Bluff (Mirror Lake, the southern reaches of the Smokewood Forest, the Green Dome Woods, Cat Alley 'Highway', etc.). Sadly, this is slower going than I had hoped, as my WACOM tablet simply won't work with my tangle of USB peripherals. I may port that and the art files over to my 10.5" laptop (:: squint-squint ::), or the Mac in the other room to try and finish the first map by Monday or so.

My SO is working tonight, so she won't be attending the game, but I ought to have at least Tyb/Darius and Devlyn, if not Ymmyk.

I hope any Friday-gamers out there have a good session. :D