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Monday, May 11, 2009

Update and Future Products-

* Expanding my short-hand notation for four additional 'Type-Kits' created in the Point Design system, ready for play except for Ability Scores, Arms/Armour Proficiencies, and Gear. To further expedite play, I will likely create Ready Rucks with gear keyed to each 'class' and a few general purpose ones. I've always very much appreciated T&T 5'th edition's Delver's Pack for including matches and smokes, twine, wax, chalk, etc.

* Streamlined the presentation of the Critical Tests (order in which they appear), and since you lurking bunch didn't offer anything better, I have replaced the misbehavin' Paralysis-replacement with Nerves. It is still based on Str, and the classic Fighter still retains the penalty, but now it both balances with increased likelihood that a Fighter will have a Str mod. to negate the penalty (which I reiterate is present in the source material of D&D), and I have a name for it that makes sense for the Mage and Thief who receive better score in it. I know, big whoop...

* I will likely not include the Khark in Vol. I, but will keep the Khem, as they are so integrally tied with Yirinn culture, and the work is primarily concerned with the Western Hemisphere.

* Still must decide which Aberrations/Mutations make the cut and swiftly type them up. My Aberrations & Dark Fealty book should be close to the second major release.

* Have to start plugging numbers into the LuLu cost calculator, and based on Mythmere's experience, I think I will investigate an A4 size for the print copies (should that time come).