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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

[Urutsk Lore] The Post Modern World is the Death of the Mythic Power

 On the Marnharnnan continent (new world) of Urutsk, the 31 clan swords were shattered and one shard from each was then reforged into a new sword, symbolising the unity of the Resth Clan Confederacy.

It was hated by almost all the clans, even generations later, and upon the fall of the RCC by an unknown party's biochemical attack on its major population centres, the sword's whereabouts became lost to the mutational and drug-raged chaos which followed.

A group of PCs have it in their possession, and were hoping that it and other 'artefacts of power' could be used to stave off a looming alien invasion, but were told that that sort of thing is only true in childish fantasies.  Their whereabouts are unknown.

The sword's name is, Kaldusth, or, 'Artifice Perpetrated and Accepted by the People'.