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Sunday, February 28, 2010

[Playtest Campaign] 26th, FebRuary-

In brief:

* Ymmyk of 'the poor dual brain' has a condition where he occasionally manifests an alternate personality, as an NPC, and this has been used to keep him busy while the player hasn't been able to play. It also surfaced on Friday when said player had a bit of time to 'catch up' on what has been happening, as well as play. He 'snapped out of' an alternate personality and found himself sitting behind a desk in strange surroundings, with even his choice of personal gear different. Fleeting memories of his operating as a small-time crime boss, running at least a gambling house in one of the overturned hulls, as well as what appears a smuggling operation, taking advantage of the extensive tunnels in Doran.

* The Governors and the rest of their pursuit-posse made good use of the cryo-chambers in the subterranean complex by the coast, and Tyb and the Abbekqorru were healed in less than 16 Hours. Exploration suits were donned, HUD units in the helmets were utilised, and analogue computers engaged to conserve power. Weapons (Plasmatic-acid projectors) found by the Abbekqorru (Skelk [leader], Rhur [right-paw], and little Varq) led to improved mood. Varq was suited up. The suits have Jump Packs with a total of 20 Minutes burn time. The party realised that the PMH containers they salvaged may, possibly, be usable with the packs. Even lady Miren suited up and took to the weapon with Ancestral savvy.

* Mela's Fae friends helped her understand that the yellow-green flames and the quake/fault, was a powerful psionic delusion, but the realisation did nothing to prevent the psychic cycle from still causing new delusions/illusions, as well as a head-splitting degree of pain in the majority of the populace of Doran. A confrontation with two Bunk-Bunks went her way, utilising an imaginary acid-attack. A midwife with a new-agey crytal pendant, and Ylnel (Devlyn's cousin, the Fae-studies Specialist) were the only ones to maintain Resolve when the goat-demon appeared, but then disappeared almost as soon as it had appeared, as the Fae-friends led them to a tunnel entrance. Armed with a sickle, a rake, and perhaps a hatchet, these three ventured into the darkness and at Mela's mention, they trio faced a swarm of 'big bugs' -- phantasms, but one which nearly killed Ylnel until a placebo ws administered to her by Mela.

* The Governors emerged from the complex and found the flame no longer present, but the storm still battering the island. Odder still, the Ahzenbakh mansion still stood, with no hint of damage. Ymmyk was encountered topside, having emerged from a tunnel-connected cabin by a pond. H was suited-up, and through his Life Support-clan Primary Field training, quickly recalled the liturgy he had been forced to memorise as a youth, and made good on that. The group travelled to the intact and undamaged Ahzenbakh mansion. A hop over the wall (with the 60 MpH winds at their back) lead by Miren, brought the goat-figure in lawn statue form, to they party's attention. As the group was ogling the empty ground floor of the house and debating what to do, Skelk punched through one of the French-door-style glass plates and opened the door for the party. Entry was greeted by six two-headed dogs, but they didn't attack the furries, and their teeth couldn't penetrate the suits, but Tyb narrowly avoided having his hand crushed by 1,200-1,500 Ft./Lbs. of force exerted by the cute doggy that he was 'playing with' (to his credit, he had participated in the Governor's batch of the breeding operation, so this wasn't sheer lunacy on his part). Miren shot one dog with her energy weapon, now demonstrating true Security Officer training, and then guided the Abbekqorru in their vanguard role to the kitchen, whereupon the group noted plates in the sink, drinks on the counter, and the pantry door to the cellar open wide.
* Skelk stepped into the cellar first and just as Rhur headed in, a kitchen knife bit into the wood-panelled wall ahead of his snout. The pair turned in military precision and fired upon the portly cook, blowing two steaming/smoking holes through his body and burning pits into the stone wall by which he had launched his ill-fated attack. Sounds of piping, drumming, chanting, and moaning could be heard in the sub-level beyond the secret door, also open, and the group approved the furries' suggested use of knock-out gas grenades (also found in the scout complex loot). They threw four cannisters into the room they had clear view of, and Tyb flicker-jaunted into position, quickly joined by the others, in time to see folks copulating with goats, wearing goat-skin cloaks, exsanguinated children, children being prepped for exsanguination, and the goat demon sitting cross-leged at the head of this cavort. The gas grenades quickly caught all of the humans (with the children KO'd first). The demon stood and said calmly,
"I've been waiting for you."
I held it there despite Tyb's player's incredulity.