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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[Business][RPG] Business Declaration & Conversion Essentials-

(c) Copyright 2009 Kyrinn S. Eis All Rights Reserved.

I am taking this opportunity to announce my desire and intent to operate as Alternate Reality Games (ARG), and launching the ARGUS game engine at the same time.

ARGUS, Alternate Reality Games Universal System is geared to operate seamlessly with any Classic RPG, offering on the fly conversion guidelines for a variety of systems and character generation methods. The in-house term attached to this sort of product is, an 'overlay'.

ARGUS, although it contains its own reference framework, is written so as to allow near transparent use with games as varied as Tunnels & Trolls and Metamorphosis Alpha. It accomplishes this by using generic terminology in the tradition of the old Mayfair products, but in the same way, ARGUS can operate as a stand alone RPG.

In order to facilitate quick-conversion, I have chosen the three creature headings most different from the 0th-Edition and Basic games of yore, and their modern equivalents:


  • In DAC (Descending Armour Class) games, subtract the Defence value from 9 to arrive at the figure's DAC.
  • In AAC (Ascending Armour Class) games, add Defence to 10 to determine the figure's AAC.
The Armour rating after a Defence score may be ignored, or may instead be treated as a sort of Weapon versus Armour modifier:
  • 1d4: +4 AC versus Light Weapons/Attacks (1d4 or less [1d6-1])
  • 1d6: +3 AC versus Medium Weapons/Attacks (1d6 or less [1d6])
  • 1d8: +2 AC versus Heavy Weapons/Attacks (1d8 or less [1d6+1])
The progression would be continued if higher die-types are encountered.


Operates as Morale and can operate as Monster Reaction value.
The listed Resolve score, divided by 2, and 1d6 added to that, is the creature's Morale score.
The number generated can act as the creature's Reaction value, if deemed appropriate by the Referee/GM.

Critical Test (CT)-

Treat it as a Single Number Saving Throw by subtracting the score from 20, and rolling equal to or greater than that on d20, as per a normal 'Save'.

[RPG] Cover Update-

Kindly note the updated cover sketch.

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