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Monday, February 19, 2024

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A sample of TV fiction which informed me in my youth
Please view in this order:

1). UFO: The Responsibility Seat

2). the prisoner

3). Space: 1999 Series 1 Dragon's Domain {Scary & Icky}

Love you,

[Colour Theory]

I like to use these sorts of named swatches for my writing.

Avoiding edibles when describing skin tone hasn't always worked, but I do try to stick to inanimate object names when possible.

My own palette of colour meanings hews pretty closely on surface blush to psychological profiles of associations, but the more exotic the hue or shade, the more likely I mean something specific, as interactions of two or more common colours get blended or overlain.  See, it's because it is both pigment mixing, and light filtration I'm concerned with -- some real investigation as to which colours appear based upon different stars' daylight colours, and if moon-colouration affects moonlight on weird coloured foliage, etc.  One description took hours to research.

Today's a weird day for me.
Last February sucked, and now this one is ...tough.

I think I'll post another set of lyrics later, evening time.

Okay, Love,
I'll catch you later,