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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

I was just struck by how lovely you were when first we met outside.  Your smile is indelible.  I long to see you that happy again, in person.
Beautiful, you.

(c) 2023 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

There exists a mountain buried
'neath miles of glacial ice,
and in its bowels lies
a chamber, unlit, -by human eyes.

A cryptic cathedral
in which sea laps blackness:
the shore of Obsidian stones,
-smoothed by aeons' car-ess

...and at the edge
where shore meets night,
Stands a Throne of ironwood
which, I alone, alight.

Smiling all the while
for the chime of awesome tone,
as I gaze upon that sheen:
at demon spirits who long to
seize; to make me all their own.

O'er the water my spirit glides
taunting them further in desires:
I choose them out one by one
to serve as Sword, Mosaic-style.

That, In, which is, Over and Above,
of tawny hues and brazen bright
shines as golden light below
set asparkle in Red's might.

I need no consolation,
my lonely wanderlings abide:
a solitude of echoes
reverberate all those I've
Left behind.

And yet, I would have stood again,
lived a life anew; seen a smile
grace your lovely face, my one and
only friend: my darkened twin renewed.





March 13th, 2024,


My overzealous approach to bypass the communication barrier of only a comment here, or a message there, made you suspicious of my motives, and I can understand why.

However, my zeal is predicated upon what I perceive to be reciprocated feelings, to whit: The video, which I can only assume you scripted, of, High Upon A Rocky Ledge, in which you make ** continuous ** direct camera eye-contact, present items/locations which we had previously spoken at length about, the flowery path and all that entails for both of us, and an overall tone of romance and frustrated longing, as an ** overt ** invitation to re-establish contact with you now that I had followed your cue to relocate out of TN, as we had discussed both over video link and later in a Patreon message conversation.  Your choice to find another Moondog song on which to build my earlier reference to, Ballad, and one which contained, 'Schnee-Mädel-Edelweiß' seemed and still does seem, a reference to me.  My 2nd Storey Submarine, and the times I felt that you were near, make me think that all of this is no coincidence, but rather [the] very sort of clever, thoughtful, and tastefully-artistic outreach I have come to experience and, frankly, expect from you, my teacher.

With the release of, Whispering Pines, too, after I had been posting our, 'edifice of choice,' to communicate to each other our distance and yet our desire for connection, -- in the various images and lyrics I had posted on my blog; -- which -- unless I am truly delusional -- you read daily; your choice of song-lyrics to cover was, again, in my mind, a ** verification ** of our shared heart.

My approach of direct converse was an attempt to force an issue between: the possible and the real.

With undying respect, gratitude, and due reverence,
-Kyrinn S. Eis

Sleep well, my Love
Dream of me, I'll look for you