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Monday, March 25, 2024

[Music Theory] Electric Sheep

Gary Numan's band, Tubeway Army:



This is the Android vibe.

[Lyrics] [Bride of Set] [Impossible Sun]

Plans take time; time enough to hatch: an in-vitro clone, born mature...


(C) 2022 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Ok, I'm Katie, I'm 11, no
--10, still, sorry.  I'm lost; where's Mom?
OK, but when can I see her?
Maybe never?  No, no; you don't...

She has the medicine I need
its for my Rejection disease.
Bioware sheath: --this isn't me.
A model's body spun for me.

Don't believe me?  Read my scan please.
See!  --wh --why's everyone screaming?
Yeah, I heard.  We/--were_gonna' flee.
I understand that we've-got-to leave...

My mom, she's special: daddy says
he saved her from this mercy-kill
now on its knees.  She's beautiful,
pale white just like me; see my scan?

A Clonal Daughter, --Evylinne
Duchamp.  Daddy?: Drake Sommerling
Now, --please, why's everyone screaming?
I know all that, it's in my head:

Its' endless angry mutterings;
and whispered dread, its' promises...
I KNOW ALL THAT!  Why all the screams!?
--OHGOD, it's beautiful!


Sommerling?  Yes, now i can see...
Duchamp: means, martial victory.
How long have you been underway?
--my entire family tree..?

!Get away mister!  Can't you see?!
The Burn and i are meant to be!

It's been far too late for these flights:
::since early-yesterday -even-ing.

Hey!  What's that funny feeling, Lord?
Like I'm being, --of-flame, reborn;
it's time to put my metal on
--now I know Whose side I'm on.

<Tap the Matrilineal
Continuum, and seek them out>
Sorry Lord, at Slipstream speeds
they'll forever remain out of reach.
Bound for another galaxy...

Mommy and Daddy?  Sirius,
then Antares in all the futures
I can see; Android-AI-polity:
tailor Humans, adaptive features.


Aebynglass; Nexus-6, my Lord.
Tens of billions by then, across
a hundred worlds, Humanity
--so as to ensure no great loss.

Immediately!  I shall send
them your tender mercies of flame;
bring this World Age to a fiery End,
for thee-shall all-weaknesses claim.

"In the name of, The Burn, my love
and liege: rejoice in the cleansing
cinder-winds of change from above.
The pain you feel: His love you're sensing."

How they exult in refinement,
How skillfully they contort,
rigour no mere entertainment,
no-question how themselves-comport.

Assaying fire puts them to the proof;
Red-hot flames leaping roof to roof;
Wails of children lost to flames,
Survivors marked, their bodies maimed.

The Burn's living flames, pricks and goads:
Grand High Rite's inauguration,
--the terror-stricken throng the roads;
molten glass: --Conflagration.



 o Forces at work in our obscure bloodlines
 o A sure-thing can't survive, Age-old plans
 o But one Clonal Daughter's ashen destiny
 o willling-obeisance, sacrifice-demands...