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Thursday, November 30, 2023


I was just listening again to that album, I told you that night, had been the one in heavy rotation.  I had noticed a sad, surprised, sorrowful look in your eyes, but considering the noise at the Exit, we didn't have a lot of intimacy to discuss things.  It wasn't until an interview (you know the one) in which you explained why that album in particular was ...well, anathema may be too strong a word, but -- so disliked by you...
Anyway, after yet another re-listen, I have to tell you that you are just the most wonderful woman I have ever known, and I want all the world to know that -- hence this very public letter, to you, Midnight.

All my love,

[Life] Moving Day and Uniform Inspection (sortta)

I'm 98% finished with packing, and the handyman driver is due in about an hour and a half.  Move-in prep has been made on the Landlord's side.  It's just a 25 minute ride further away from work than my sister's place.  But, its so close to the subway.  :|

Supervisor informed me that she plans a uniform inspection (me, only, 'cause I'm the one who relieves her shift), and to wear the lady necktie -- but says I, I have no lady necktie, ma'am.  Perhaps she will have one to give me to inspect me in.  Weird.

Okay, Pumpkin, I'm always thinking of you.
Love you to death do us part.