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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friday Game-

J.'s Characters:

After last session, it occurred to J. that he would have wanted to light the Black Metal-alloy rose bramble menorah with his elemental fire blood before concluding the speech. I had no problem with that, and it was retcon'd as canon.

Commander Qulak, after delivering the graduation speech (and pumping in 16 DP) and switching universes/timelines, found that he is a captain of an arrowhead-shaped system ship with a crew of 1,800, laden with 3,200 colonists headed for 'Cold Home', as part of the Greater Yirinn Sphere. The GYS is a resurgent Yirinn Empire, and comprised of those Yirinn, Sla Mu, Dokirin, and Khem who did not board Vrun starcraft in the Latter Autumn exodus.

Sir Akheron, is an honorary Blood Guard member, a racial purity and genetic engineering division of the GYS, and his vampiric traits have only become more honed so as to allow him to 'read' people more accurately with his developed infravisual sight and pheromone awareness. His mission is to gather genetic samples of the Kentar and Satrine aliens also found on Cold Home for research into developing Yirinn with specific genegineered traits (quadrupedal frames for cavalry troopers and load-bearing applications, and rocky terrain locomotion, respectively).

Kitsune, is a weapons research scientist serving the GYS, and although not Yirinn, enjoys a comfortable lifestyle to cultivate loyalty. She is currently leading the department involved in Green-Black Coherent Light Dynamics Engineering looking to create cost-effective Black-ray anti-personnel energy weapons for their aerospace version of the A-10 Warthog.

C.'s Characters:

Ashta Shomel, is the most aware, not only of the reality warp, but of her 600+ year old existence, and that she has telemorphed once (she can remember), where her mind was transferred to the target and like a slow telerelocation, the target's body is transformed into the attacker. She is employed by the GYS as both a Diplomat to, and Bounty Hunter of Aelbaan that are causing the GYS difficulties. With her Pearl, she is free to roam as she will, and has tele-harbours in several ships in the colonial fleet. She has just met a Seeder Pilot from Earth, or at least an Earth, from my early fiction, who is also hundreds of years old chronologically speaking.

Mela-Mela, is liaison between the Blood Guard and Science Division of the GYS. Besides this she is still a Vae Princess, and has been chosen by the Winter Court of the Cold Home Vae as their representative in Vae-Human relations. Autumn rebels hold out against the merciless Winter troops, and assassination and power brokering between the declining Autumn Court and the ascending Winter Court grinds on with each day's further journey into the radically elliptical orbit.

Qaya Bynvert, is often called in to deal with biochemical weapons or explosive ordinance issues, as her Smoke Manipulation permits her great cleansing and diffusing capabilities. As a Bynvert (half-Yirinn and half Western Isles Vrun), she has social precedence over non-Yirinn, and such favour was granted that she has been made a member of the GYS equivalent of the USO entertainment and morale division.

A.'s Characters:

Delver Denab, as a renegade Aelbaan, is valued for his ability to understand and attack in abstract and asynchronous ways as the Greater Yirinn Sphere's expansion brings it deeper into the buffer between the Aelbaan Sphere. With his Void Craft, Delver is able to perform missions once thought impossible, whether due to distance/time issues, or penetrating daunting security, and is employed much like Ashta Shomel, but given perhaps greater leaway so as not to incur his ire.

Seaneq Okan (CiCi), is serving on a Sla-Mu spiritual ship, comprised entirely of ethical medical personnel (above and beyond their position in the Sla-Mu priesthood), and is primarily involved in integrating natural medicines with advanced elemental technologies.

Osyl Molen, being of Yirinn descent (although a genetic aberration), has been employed as a Scout and was forced to have her prehensile tail apparent and not hidden (although it is encased in a tail sleeve in her clothing). Lady Arctise has informed her that Osyl is her new chosen favourite, and that the current champion must be deposed for Arctise' plans to be brought to fruition. This is part of a thread pre-dating the departure from the Aerlbaan starship aboard the shuttle. Osyl often travels aboard the Black Pearl with Delver Denab.

M.'s Characters:

Tybylt Valyntayn, is now a scout for the GYS, as his Continental Vrun ancestry (although punctuated with a small percentage of Yirinn and Aelbaan) does not advance him to the highest echelons of Yirinn society and duty-glory. Currently, he is on assignment to scout out Cold Home in advance of the GYS colonisation initiative. As he planned to use the cover story of hailing from the human village of Wessel as he reconnoitred the larger space port of Aqqomen, Tyb was dropped off with a six-wheeled ATV and an equivalent to the .410 ga. double barrel break-pistol. He discovered that all of Wessel appeared to have been rounded up and forcibly relocated, by hooved creatures. An Elemental Glass necklace seemingly left behind to mark a trail showed a woman's smiling face. As one of Cold Home's moons traced nearby overhead, Tyb shadow-slipped a great distance, and found a gulch filled with human bodies well pilfered. After contacting his scout ship, Tyb received orders to head back to Wessel rather than pressing on to Aqqomen, where he encountered three youths who seemed to corroborate the Kentar/Satrine assault hypothesis.
--Tyb collected micro-crystalline debris from energy weapon discharges, asked the kids about the Elements, and then the kids told him of an old man who had a mobile of the elements in his cave. They travelled up to visit in a shuttle, and Tyb encountered the old codger, who took a real shine to the female medtech.

Darius, has been put in charge of a division of the Alien Legion mercenary corps.

Nyqolas Vern, Imperial paragon, is employed as a Vrun Diplomat.