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Monday, March 25, 2019

The New Zoo Crew (2?)

1 Swamp 'Troglodyte' Wetlander Scout
1 Cephalomalian Wetlander Psion
1 Skyger Technician

There appears to be a burgeoning land-grab on ___-Beta, a Warm Terrestrial world with 60-something percent surface water; one of two livable worlds in a Binary Star system.

Almost all of the indigenous sentient avianoids have either left the world, or died on Beta, and the Wetlander expansion into the system has only sped this process. Now, even an Abbekqorru mercenary group have entered the system en route for Beta, as the crew of the Scout ship pulls a dangerous Half-Hyperdrive in-system manoeuvre (blowing out a component which will be very costly to replace on the Betan frontier).

This is an era of Hyperdrives, before Warp-, and before Jump-drives. The necessity to take long and circuitous routes to systems physically adjacent, but without direct Hyperspace lane access makes for a method similar to Traveller Jump limitations where some systems will remain out of reach even with a J6, and anyone with a Warp drive will be immensely rich.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

How does this 'homage system' advance long-awaited UWoM?

So, another off week after the abrupt return home for a daddy player. This is the homage rpg playtest week game.

I have two subsector maps ready, the first to transcribe my notebook paper depiction of the border region the first two sets of PCs were adventuring. The new one is for the further off section of the (somewhat heavily-) implied setting. I can't see a reason not to include a spacewarp connection between the two maps, so, that will likely happen.

This work has helped solidify the procedural chargen of Urutsk, especially the class-level based mini-game which we haven't used in ... has it really been, 'years'? The homage system is roughly half-scale mechanisms-wise, and there is even a quasi-percentile chart to aid in the conversion between systems (and time periods). It is especially important in bridging Porphyry: World of The Burn, with Urutsk: Worlds of Mystery, both mechanically, as well as thematically.

Let's see...
As far as the homage system, I still need to finish worldgen, add ship components/systems, and include a few spot rules. I'm not sure if this will actually come in under my original page count, but it should be close.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Work Continuing Apace

Adding random tables to all CharGen sections.  No guarantee the character will have any better focus than random Traveller PCs, but that's what one gets when one rolls instead of crafting a character.

I'm faced with a lot of unfinished specific Background tables from the playable Ethnicity and Species tables.  The lazy/cunning designer part of me thinks about consolidating the tables into a more generic bunch and then going back into the source tables and editing them to reflect the new, condensed ... you get the idea.

I'm a bit concerned that my 2H Swords don't do enough damage.  I'm inclined to up them by 50%.

I need caffeine.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Three Months Later...

Well, with G+ dying a slow death, the transporter beaming a lot of us to MeWe, and my weekly games, I have a lot of new material to incorporate or supplant older versions.

The new Character Control Record Sheet has made a lot of difference in the way the game is played, and with the change in the basic task resolution dice method (still hush-hush), the game system no longer feels derivative of anything in particular.

Injuries are brutal, and the Playtesters regularly comment on how they definitely feel as though their PCs are always moments away from death in dangerous situations.  Feature not bug, trust me.  I've been streamlining chargen to make this fact as playable as possible for when new PCs are needed.
This, however, requires a lot out of me: editing the [incomplete] 'Characters Without Class' section [towards completing it] will certainly be the capstone achievement of my chargen work.

Elemental Blood has really bloomed in this iteration of the rules, and now it has both a measured effect on stats, as well as meaningfully affecting character personality: figures no become much more like their Elemental Patron; suffice it to say that if one likes the Patron, this is much better than if one does not care for their outlook and behaviour.  This makes things more like the Thieves' World NPC traits sheet than the Elan of Stormbringer, but not very much like Pendragon or RQG.
Playing against type is very easy with non-Human PC species (another area which needs revision after the abandonment of more traditional RPG traits).

OK, so this is the part where I mention that I think I may be going the Patreon-based Zine route for 'pre-'release of the material.  That would allow some of the game to actually make it into the world, in case something untoward should happen to me, and I wouldn't breathe my last feeling like the whole thing had been just for me.

On another topic, I have to say that Pandora has been instrumental in introducing me to a great number of artists I'd no prior exposure, and this music has really fuelled my continued work.  Artists/Bands like Heartless Bastards, the Black Angels, Marie-Sioux, Allah-Las, Agnes Obel, Gemma Ray, GOAT (Sweden), Emily Jane White, Quix*o*tic, Marissa Nadler (:: love her lyrics, music, vocals ::), Alela Diane, Scout Niblet, Isobel/Gentle Waves, Mystic Scouts, Fern Knight, The Brian Jonestown Massacre (amazing), ...
Give them a listen, perhaps you will enjoy some of it.

See you then.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

After Watching the 48 Minute Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough vid, and listening to Tubeway Army songs...

Re: Urutsk: I've made some significant changes to character-centric rules, and I feel much better about the way the game feels in play.  Weapons are getting a more modern, catalogue or article, description about their role in society and application, which draws upon my personal expertise and interests, which also feels more genuinely Urutsk.  In short, this polish is on the 'chrome', bringing more of the distinctiveness of the setting, even if it is in the 'chassis' of the rules.

In other areas:

*Ramble about fiction I've read.*

Looking at Harlan Ellison's bibliography, I realise just how much of his work I had read.  I was reading Poe, Lovecraft, and, Ellison, when my old AD&D group were reading all the sci-fi by which Traveller was inspired.  I've never read any of that stuff: Flandry, Lensmen, Foundation...  The closest to Clarke's stuff I got was a collection of short stories.  I think that is why Gene Wolfe's Urth series made such a strong impression: it is closer to Poe, and perhaps even Lovecraft, in verbal texture and weirdness.  Martian Chronicles.  Wizard of Linn (I love Wizard of Linn), and part of the prequel, Atomic Empire (tedious).

Likewise, Fafhard & Grey Mouser: I think I must have read everything that was published back in the '80s, but never any Conan.  Elric, yes.  Corum in comic book form, but never Hawkmoon, etc.

Feminist fiction only in short story collections, and whatever you'd call Lee's Don't Bite the Sun.

Apart from fiction I had to read for school, this list may be very close to the complete, 'fiction I've read,' collection.  Some of those, mainly sociological, 'other'-stories to broaden our 'whitebread' horizons, were really rather enjoyable: Inner city Chicago Black kid experiences; First Nations girl avoiding tribal traditions, but coming full circle; Second American Civil War urban snipers turned out to be brothers on opposite sides; etc.

Okay; I'm not sure what the point of that was, but i thought it was better served as a blog post than a G+ post.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Second Pass Editing and Initial Formatting

Boring stuff to read about, but necessary steps.

Plans are to release material to Lulu Publishing,  and DTRPG (OBS) in near future.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Another View of 'What is Urutsk?'

Urutsk is this:

Everything looks Sci-Fi on the surface, but the ACClarke adage, 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.', is the underlying premise, and there are things out in space which do not meet the Humanocentric organisational aesthetic of machines working towards the weal of society, and are therefore Monstrous, and Chaotic, in a Lovecraftian sense.  Dreamlands Space with Arthurian Humanosphere ('The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.'), Monstrous Cultures outside of that which cater to Human Warlocks, and then we have the Others which intrinsically threaten both ('Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.').