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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

About, AULDGORY: World of the Churn -- Scripted Podcast Special Allergy Edition

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Script 001-

 o I have a terrible Allergy thing going on, so here's hoping you can stand my voice

 o I've written this script to try and stay on target with the topic of the cast

 o Auldgory: World of the Churn

 o My latest RPG, this being the first o use the ARGUS2 System; I had created the

ARGUS System -- originally code-named: Daedalists & Distraint, and ran more than a few

sessions over Google Hangouts

 o This time around, I have attempted to pay homage to the game systems I most like

and haven't yet written for: namely, Harnmaster, BRP, and Palladium Fantasy RPG R1e

 o There may be a bit of Chivalry & Sorcery and Gamma World as well as a dash of

Car Wars, too.  Ooh, and Behind Enemy Lines, The Companions' Edition (Red Box)

 o Setting-wise: Hmm.  This is much trickier...

 o As far as influential games and play-style: Gamma World, Boot Hill, RuneQuest,

Dark Heresy, and the Companions' edition of Behind Enemy Lines (Red Box).

 o AULDGORY's default gameplay is a theme campaign: the theme is: you are all

playing characters whose families strove hard to ensure that you were able to enter

a prestigious army company at age 07 serving as a Page.  By age 15 you had gradu-

ated to serve as a Squire, and for those of you who are playing characters who are

older than that, you have already been initiated into your Company Mascot Cult.

 o You have different options regarding your combat role, and togetehr we need to

determine your Company and its Focus, your Theatre of Operations, and your initial

interests: sights to see, foes to fight, terrain to trek, and Lodges to league.

 o if you do not allocate Blessings towards your Combat Role, you will default to

that of Combat Rifleman.

 o One way to have a more well-rounded character is to play a member fo a Barbarian

or Outlier Culture who ended up in the Banner Ranks of the Starry Empire, where you

all serve the Republic of the Starry Empire, blessed and protected by Lybrti herself.

 o Ancient Auldgoryan bloodlines exist now largely in Barbarian and Outlier Cultures

across the continent, but some remained civilised, both in the East as well as the


 o The West Wards are operated by natural resource or rail barons, while the

East is the seat of the Starry Empire, and home to the Great Green Goddess, Lybrti.

 o Barbarian or Outlier Cultures are stereotyped as being influenced by one or a few

core truths of the tribe, elements from pre-'Rival invasion of Terra, and these

truths are not only held to be self-evident, but form the social structure of belief

and correct/virtuous action.  A tribe who revere the Auldgoryan Eagle and follow the

streamer of colours which trail the Eagle-like Spirit of Lybrti as is surveys the land.

 o Living in the East, much is as any typical depiction of the early USA of the 19th

century, while still owing to the style, propriety, and honour of the late 18th century

(TURN: Washinton's Spies, Sons of Liberty, Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle, Ginger Snaps

Back, Strange Empire, Wild Wild West, Have Gun Will Travel, and so many others).

 o The great Conflict is the stalled War of Unification in the Lashan Mountain Range.

 o The Lashan Hillfolk are not the problem, but the Black Candle Rebels who meet atop

hilltops with their aluminium poles, horizontal mirrors topped by black candles, and

their eager eyes searching the night sky for the black winged things which bring

alien biotech weapons with which to fight the Banner Ranks to a standstill.  These

Starfiends are but the least servitors of the Voidbrood from outside timespace.

 o The far more mundane alien-Kladraed of the 'Rivals (Arrivals) number among the

  :: Moorwraith -- Semi-corporeal multi-dimensional magical beings whose aims are almost

entirely unknown by even the best-informed strategic minds in Hermasona, Ashing.

  :: The Sleeth -- Serpentbodied from the abdomen down, these beings are seemingly unknowable in their outlook, much less their aims for Auldgory and its people.

  :: Xidat -- remnants of a manifold-ancient people transformed by The Burn of the prior World Age (my Porphyry: World of The Burn product in print and pdf) now looking for how best survive this World Age.

  :: Who or what are the Wastelanders?  How best to deal with their relentless attempts to alter, first Auldgory, and later, all of Terra/Newurld, via their Firebloom?  The plant seems to feed off the power of the Wasteland, and each year, more Terran-stock plants and animals are mutated by the change that the Firebloom brings.  But, it is perhaps the way that all Kladraed, Human and Alien, Native and 'Rival, are warped, and transformed into Wastelanders via exposure to the plant or the phantasmal Twister.

 o There are a few other ways to enter play, but, as stated before, service in the

Banner Ranks is the default:

 :: Barbarian or Outlier Guides

 :: Scions of Republic Citizens who have, until recently, managed to avoid all official public service; upon Majority, aged 21, you were drafted to fight in the Lashan Theatre, and if you aren't lucky, in the Western Campaign where resistance is strongest, and Voidbrood aid to the Black Candle Rebels, the most horrific.

 :: A Foreign (Human?) Ally of the Starry Empire