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Monday, August 17, 2009

[Playtest Campaign] Off to new adventures [RPG] Art & Layout-

After several sessions, the Playtest Group has finished the dungeoneering section of the Qerzyk adventure (first came the wilderness, then the urban, then the dungeon), and completed that location's immediate gaming.

I will spare you the lengthy details.
--High Tech items found; Abbekqorru captain and two human crew encountered; ship prevented from detonating; infected Hierophantic Church faction encountered; extra-dimensional gateway being studied by the Kherstic League; characters to be rewarded with a higher position in the organisation.

The LGS owner, and one of his room mates, have expressed an interest in joining the game, so, if that happens, the game looks like it may survive the loss of the Ray-man. We'll see how it survives others' school schedules.
--I hope the other set of players I ran for will not be a one shot

Peter Mullen has recently sent me six or seven black and white pieces for the interior, out of the 35 I have envisaged, and they look mighty fine.
--Their placement will ultimately determine the layout of the Manuals.