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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Wild Weather, D&D Urutsk, & Deep Thoughts-

 Yesterday, although the rain and wind here had stopped, I heard Tornado Sirens wailing in the distance, sounded like the North West, across the river.  I went outside and listened and looked, and wondered who was being affected, if someone in particular was in danger, and how ... truly awful that would be; yes, I was thinking of someone dear to me and not about strangers, and that's on me; lay the blame I own.

B/X Black Razor has contacted me again after a dry spell, and he's back at making an Old School-accessible URUTSK product.  We had an exchange regarding two Ethnicities/Cultures and I'm even more excited to see the final text, let alone the finished work with art.

My writing project, my very specific brand of Sci-Fantasy, is approaching word count levels which have me excited to cross my prior limit found in, Eleventh Hour of the Soul (still on Mike Moorcock's site, btw), although the setting is far, far different -- much more, Traveller, than falling angels.

I'll spare all'y'all my lyrics this time, but my hope, wish, and prayer is that you are well, that you stay safe, and, that you feel loved.

Back to writing before I go in to work.