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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Eve of Eviction? & Other Stuff

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 OK, so, I am no longer doing parts delivery, left that for a one-week stint working at a gun and pawn store for one dollar more an hour, then after moving to a new, more affordable apartment, I finally landed a fast food job which I held for two or three weeks until the boss slashed my hours in half to make way for new, young, under-paid employees available to work the store's expanded late-night drive-through orders.  I secured additional employment, and then lost the fast-food job when he was unwilling to allow me to work the additional job's shift.  Then I ran into a snag with the new one where it took a day or two longer to get my security clearance and now I am waiting for the end of onboarding to start -- and now the opening of the business looks to be pushed back a week.  I have no savings left, received donations to remain in the black with my bank, keep my auto insurance for June, and be able to read my gmail due to the 1200% over-limit on basic storage that I needed to correct by both eliminating years of not deleting as well as signing-up (again) for additional Google storage.  Now, with July rent looming, car insurance, internet, google, and other sundry monthly charges due the first half of the month, I have only half of my rent money coming in from my local sister, and possibly the rest coming from my last fast-food paycheck.  With about $65.67 coming from my daily trips to the not-yet open new job, I'm ... fracked.

End of August, my primary colour artist for my next RPG will no longer be under NDA, and will almost certainly use the work to advertise his commissions biz, I, of course, had planned to have it out by then, but I'm pretty sure it will be less than polished by then, but I'm committed to release it if I still have access to the web, and my external hard-drive doesn't quit due to homeless moisture in the second of four Florida Rainy Seasons.  Oh, my car is having issues after spending about 1 grand on fixes, so being a mobile homeless is less likely, too.

So, trying times here, folks.  Much thanks to those who already helped out.  If you have anything to contribute to a pay-it-forward cause, my PayPal address is: kynkrea [dot] ays [at] gmail [dot] com.

My other RPG thing is a Traveller Homage and that is actually much more complete, but not in regards to layout.  I'm currently writing fiction for it to flesh out the setting and provide authorial tonality to the various factions/species.

Paul Baldowski's, The Dee Sanction, is super cool; you should by it.

I really enjoyed Season 2's 1st Episode of Motherland: Fort Salem.

Heroes & Icons ( Digital Antenna TV station plays Westerns in the morning, and all of the Star Trek series starting at 8PM Eastern (STOS, STNG, DS9, VGR, Enterprise) Sunday through Friday.
I've never before seen, Have Gun Will Travel, and I like it, but it is weird, and, Rawhide, is growing on me, too.

OK, hope you folks are doing well.