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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mapping Urutsk Pt. 01-

Hi, All,

I have been busy using a variety of software to get the right mix of photo-realistic and hex-based maps (currently of the Marnharnnan continent), and I recently purchased Hexographer.
--My first map (too small) worked our pretty well, but I'm almost certainly going to use Photoshop and others to edit the coastlines, detail the rivers, and generally gussy-up the hexes a bit so that clusters of the same terrain type icon will still have individual differences.

Population Migration maps, political maps, etc.
--And these will then be handed over in some/many cases to other artists better known for their cartography.


Rob 'Bat in the Attic' Conley's, as well as the Welsh Piper's write-ups have been very helpful.