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Sunday, December 17, 2023


Port Destiny
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Things were so terrible in my life in Jr. High that I had to listen to songs to force myself to school each weekday.  My future looked so awfully grim, and in my Father's household we learnt to suffer in silence (and like it!).
With both teacher parents gone already to school as job, I watched the news and ate a few crumbs to maintain my figure, then when I had a bike, not yet stolen, I would ride, but otherwise, walk the 3/tenths a mile and shamble into either first period or homeroom, whichever I made on time.

These were the ones that got me through two years:

Jethro Tull
Nothing is Easy
For a Thousand Mothers

That final bit of joy tinged with anger and hints at future sadness never was lost on me, but, well: I'm not  the sort to back down...  :)

Anyway, I thought that You should know how I made it through.

Love, always,