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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mutants of Marnharnna Pt. 16 ('Wait. Huh? What?')-

This session was pretty wild, and so I'll buck tradition and post a short recounting.

PCs stayed w. craft > repairs effected > left for Tshomdrys Island where they offloaded most of the rescued folk > onwards they travelled to Old Port where they picked up cargo and then proceeded towards the Smot Flood Plain > but met with difficulty as a mixed group of Aberrabts, Dokirin, and Humanoids were performing a powerful ritual, calling upon multiple Elemental Patrons.

Zalder flew off to retrieve a lifeboat, and was attacked by a giant watery hand in the form of a great Humanoid beast-paw. He contacted the Sisters who informed him that They were being courted by the others, and that he'd have to ante-up to get their assassistance. He returned to the craft and offered himself up as a vehicle for their power for a year and one day. He was possessed and flewoff, becoming an NPC until such time passes, and taking the air-sled with him. My g/f then set about making a Smoke Mage from the outskirts of Kelzsyn's Bluff as her new character. Giant sylphs, appearing as the Sisters, lifted the craft out of the frothing waters as Water Wolves manifested and attacked those aboard. The craft was lifted over the Plain, and deposited in the tidal lake immediately north of Kelzsyn's Bluff.

The cargo turned out to be a mono-tread swamp-vehicle powered by a Steam-tech engine, which the party droveto KB. The hour was late, and the guards greedy, but entry was gained nonetheless and Nyqolas went to work studding his double-dip Imperial Bloodline out to the local women quaking with wet-scripted biological imperitives (his 20+ Conviction didn't hurt, either). While that was going on, Osyl found herself arrested for her own good by a very understanding Sheriff and a Marnharnnan Defence Agency Marshal, but after her Knight's Move esacape, they were able to discern that she had an important reason for being in town, and aided her in seeing the old Primary and Secondary Characters of the Players: Tyb and Ashta, Darius and Mela Mela. Folks were happy to play their original PCs after about 4 months of real time.

The question is this: Will the Primary characters' time-travel be undone/redone/altered?