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Friday, February 18, 2011

You've seen this creature before... :D

'Purple Bounders' -- Aberant Animal (AA)
Menace Rating: 63 (7d8) | DEF +0 | ARM 2d6 | MOV 40
Damage: 4d6B Pounce, 3d6EP Bite

With swollen-seeming bodies of deep purple leathery hide, the cylindrical legged and footed Yqaom is a sight to behold. Its upper body (for indeed, they are an upright locomotive being) has humanoid qualities with a strong yet flexible neck supporting a proportionally very large head. The maw of this creature ia a vast portion of its head and this mouth is visually dominated by two pairs of tusks followed by banks of complex molars. Its tongue can extend nearly four Snk and is about as big as a dinner plate. It is the dainty pair of feathered wings and curious antennae which mark out the Yqaom as truly weird. Genalchemic inspection has revealed that the Yqaom are a relatively recent mutation, suggesting that the deadly mutagens of the North Western Sphere may still lurk in the wilds and pose a danger.
The Yqaom is an aggressive, territorial omnivore that uses its combination of aberrant powers to facilitate its hunting/grazing and its ranging. By use of its magneto-repulsion power, it is able to levitate, which is controlled by the tiny wings and allows this lumbering beast to rotate in a corkscrew manoeuvre or even perform loops, with all lateral movement generated through running and its bounding-power. Its top recorded speed is in the 8-12 XsM/H range. The Yqaom's bony antennae are used to sense electrical fields, and are sensitive enough to detect living auras within an 8 Msnk Radius, but not with pinpoint accuracy, and is tested against the creature's PSI.

:: AP Value: 1st Encounter 775, subject to Group Multiplier Bonus +(2/3); 1/10th, 1/100th, etc. thereafter.

* Snk: 2.68 Inches
* Msnk: 4.47 Feet
* XsM: 11,800.98 Feet ( 3.6 km / 2.23 mi.)

B = Blunt
E = Edged
P = Piercing