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Friday, February 2, 2024


Feminine Divine

Stars align
upon cards
drawn shine
highborn words
numbers in
X's, V's, and, I's
symbols, colours
combine, define
past, present,and
future times
dexterous lines
love and life inscribed
both yours, and, mine

I cast lots for a living
write histories to me
given and in all of them
is striven a great love
bidden, ink spilt
and forgiven, when
embraced a smile
silken without schism
lives up to, surpasses loves
tendered and forbidden
: they proved themselves
small prisons; while in an
ocean we'll be swimming


Stars shine
upon cards in grid
aligned; upright and
inverted combined
past, present, future
times, preside we --
Major Arcanes, Wise
Horned Moon Sublime
Two Towers divide
wolf and dog preside
landed lobster a
scorpion in disguise
mystery enshrined

Spilt cups, some upright
Staves in conflict
defence defined
fish from one goblet
to another reside
while wood enkindled
passion's flame alight
Zero through Nine
many times Your
knowledge shines
while mine in lots
and cards are plied
in both, We abide.

::It's Time::

Feminine Divine
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