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Friday, March 12, 2010

[RPG] proposed Advanced Creature Description template-

Revised based on Stuart's input.


('Endless ranks of fierce tech-savvy raiders')

Fight Dice: 6d8
Attacks: 1
Damage: 3d8 or by weapon
Defence: 14 (06) M Armour
Special: Surprise +33%
Move: 45'/90'/270'
Size: L (7'+ tall)

Frequency: Uncommon
Terrain: Ubiquitous
#: 6d6
Lair: 25%

Cunning: 08-12
Disposition: Orderly & Vicious
Psychic: ?
--Powers: ?
Magnitude/A.P. Value:

I've yet to construct the Loot tables, and I am considering revising the Adventure Point values.


Spielmeister's Blog (UWoM Entry)-

Spielmeister, of Under A Blood Red Sky blogging-fame, has posted THIS regarding the Urutsk: World of Mystery Alpha/Beta .pdfs.

It is with no difficulty that I say I find his blog to be a place of inspiration, too.

May the waters that flood the world end your dry spell. :D