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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Of particular interest to those with a linguistic or historic bent...

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I will leave it to the reader to determine if this has any specific relevance to Urutsk, but, I caution against a 1:1 inference.

Those who have my Porphyry: World of The Burn product for T&T 5e / MSPE, have seen into the past of the planet which is later known as Urutsk (or Mada, to many of its native peoples), but there is a bit of chronological hinkiness at work, not to mention other world ages not yet published. G+  Hangout players have seen the Urutskan Underworlds, and at least one has lost his PC to an early age's curse.

Alright, then...
Let me tell you a bit about astronaut Laird Zeeth and his failed mission.  Propelled through a space anomaly in his experimental spacecraft, Captain Zeeth found himself on what he would come to realise was one of many alternate reality Earths.  Here, Humans were thought mythical, or at east so incredibly rare that their capture and study was more important than eating.  Monstrous folk of all imaginable sorts were the norm on this earth, and while there seemed to have been a prior Human civilisation, the ruins of such were at best, vine covered ruins, if not tels covered by unknown centuries of detritus and dirt, -- seen as dangerous and accursed dungeons.

On this Earth, Elves of all sorts were the dominant life form, with dragons, ogres, demons, etc., in smaller numbers.  When Captain Zeeth was finally brought before an Elven academic council, he was studied in a manner best depicted in Zardoz, as a lower life form, unthinking and brutish.  Demonstrating a resistance to magick and psionics, Laird Zeeth eventually gained his freedom and recognition as a peer to the Elves.  His quest to return to his Earth was not given much hope of success, and involved many globe- (and plannar-) spanning expeditions to secure items and specialists, and in the course of these travels, we lose track of the individual.

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