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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Quick Roll-Low DAC To-Hit Formula-

Alternate D&D To-Hit Formula-

(Target AC + All Bonuses) or lower on 1d20

All Bonuses include:

+3 + Fighter Lvl
+2 + Thief "
+1 + Cleric "
+0 + M-U Lvl

and Strength or Dexterity Adj.

and Magic to-hit adjustment.

When Will the OSR Emperor Arise, Bringing Peace to the Warring Provences?

I'm taking a short break just to give me time to think.
--VANGUARD is being bolted into place with new formatting and a few last edits filed to fit.

I have been reading at my blogroll, and am glad I seemed to have missed this week's OSR Throwdown cage matches except to hear of them second or third hand.

You guys are doing this on purpose, arent you? C'mon, admit it. You guys don't actually think those fights look real.

I mean, I'll admit there is athleticism of the mind and some real steam in some of the battles, but the referee and team-mates always intervene and no injury, AAC leads to libertine thinking holy post notwithstanding, that the week or three travel down the stream won't fix, and all is well in that regard...

Instead, new rivalries are pitted in the ring, with folding chairs (2e Sux! BOOM! I Said it!) and chalk dust in the eyes (Alignment: Friend or Foe?), razored bare-hand attacks (Monk-Assassin PC legitimacy) , and pile-drivers (bewbalicious chicks in cloven hoof high heels).

If you guys are taking this seriously, you're kinda creepin' me out here.