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Friday, April 10, 2009

[RPG] The Fighter-

(c) Copyright Kyrinn S. Eis All Rights Reserved

I have three of the four 'core' classes (yes, yes, I know, the Thief wasn't core back at the dawn of gaming) written up in their Design Point cost format.


Strength is the Fighter's Prime Requisite, and a character must have a Strength score of 9 or higher to become a Fighter. This class is proficient with all standard armours and any Simple or Martial weapon. They also are eligible to become Proficient in individual Exotic Weapons, as they are encountered.

Vrun Continental Authority troopers, Khark jungle barbarians, and the lowly city watch are all Fighters. They are trained for and/or experienced with combat, and have been chosen for their ability to meet problems directly, and overcome them through sheer capability and finesse. It would surprise no one, then, that these Fighters are the best class in general combat, and also lead the other classes in general toughness. Fighters can use many magic items, but tend to squable over magical arms and armour.

The culture, level of technology, and environment from which a Fighter hails, all inform him or her of what it means to be a warrior of whatever sort they are, and what their choices of arms and armour should be.

In rigid cultures, the elan of highly regimented and well-drilled soldiers is every bit as high as that of the tight-knit commando/raider group, or the more chaotic and 'catch-as-catch-can' style of the Adventuring Company.

Fight Die: d8
[1st: 180]

* Light
* Medium
* Heavy

* Simple
* Martial
(Exotics ea. addl.)

Attack Bonus: +1

Critical Tests-
* Lifeforce : +8
* Health : +8
* Vigilance : +7
* Concentration : +6 [-1: -100]
* Experience : +6 [-1: -100]
* Reflexes : +5 [+1: +100]
* Control : +3 [-1: -100]
1,340 @ 1st-Level

(1660) -=Under=- based upon 3000 Design Points

Without going over 'level limits' in FD, or Attack Bonus, the 1st-Level BFRPG Fighter could still afford to Maximise the 1st d8 for [180], add an Exotic Weapon Proficiency [40], and add a point of Focus [100], and still have 1340 XP to begin play with.

The spell-casters are significantly more 'expensive', as you will soon see.