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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Following Snail Trails, or 'I Hit the Snail With My Flail'-

As Seen On Your Monitor, HERE.
Here we have the same critter in AEDIENDI format

Name-(Size Category)[Number of 4" Moves)

HD: Hit Dice
HP: Hit Points
AC: Armour Class
ATK: Attack

Effect Dice-(Don't worry that's just for conversion completeness)
Violet (d2), Blue (d4), Green (d6), Yellow (d8), Orange (d10), Red (d12)

XP: 325 | HD 3+3 | HP 50 | AC 08 | ATK: Musket 2d6 | ATK: Dagger 1d10 | ATK: Bite 1d6
* Special Abilities: Intelligent, Tracking Instinct Use: +3d/Day, 1x/8 Hours, Feral
Description: The hairy beasts are humanoid, but by adolescence, grow to stand as tall if not taller than the average Vrun. Adult males have been measured at over 13'5”, while females stand a little shorter on average. They tends towards the coppery-bronze end of the spectrum, but coats of dark sable and umber have also been reported in the deepest mossy woods. Reliable trackers of even the most difficult of prey, the Letiuumasi' long-barrelled muskets are most vexing. Even bare-handed, the Letiuumasi is deadly. They are rumoured to be a rogue subject race of the Abbekqorru, and it is fact that they are fully feral and only partly civil.