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Monday, May 27, 2024


I thought about you so much today, it was as if you were in my room as I was writing, and then watching vids, listening to and then, making music.
I look at your velvet smock, your tresses in your right hand, those lips...

May your morning be sweet, and, please: do come back to me,
but stay longer,

Dark Eldar Paint

My Mom, circa 1975

Some folks can't believe how similar my mom and I looked; I wish I still had [a specific] photo (and her foto) from 2000ish, when each of us were around the same age, and where the biggest difference is the part of our hair.  I'm like the mirror-image of my mom, and she and I had/have the opposite weak eye and mirrored eye-prescriptions.  It was wild.  Neither of my sisters look as closely to either parent as she and i, although we girls all got the Schwabe shock in our hair at the same age.  Genetics...