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Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday Vanguard Antics-

Friday we switched things up, and I ran C. and BB through a Space Age era game, set on a backwater, tide-locked world racked by storms at the twilight boundary.

The two made Hero figures with a cost equal to two or three (or more) Squads, each. Better stats and gear, including a Metroid-type suit for C.'s character.

The scenario we started to play around 10pm was a pit fight, using GW Necr*munda building cards and plastic doors to form a two-level area. The Metroid-suit tested a few fiddly bits of the Simultaneous Activation as modified by Attack Rank, having her roll up and then interrupt their Close Combat by disengaging and then firing. BB's Satchel Charge only clipped a figure or two, and then they had to move in closer to get good angles.

I (as usual) couldn't hit the PCs to save the NPCs' lives, and they won handily, beginning the RP of being courted by fight managers and so forth. I think this will be the period in which the Friday game will be set. Travel, dangers, and local colour.

TL;DR: Things go boom.