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Sunday, March 28, 2010

[RPG] Optional Abstract ('Indie') Combat-

Copyright (c) 2010 Kyrinn S. Eis


:: This is a purely optional, 'Indie', method of resolving combat that involves a higher degree of Player Skill than the traditional 'Strike and Effect' tactical method standard to most RPGs (including UWoM).

Fight Dice & The Quality Roll-

At the start of any conflict (the beginning of a Fight Sequence), regardless of sort (Psychic, Authority, Unarmed, Melee, Ranged, etc.), roll any Fight Dice your character possesses and wishes to use in the Fight, and pool them by Result (all 1's, all 2's, all 3's, etc.).

Compare your highest Result Total to that of your opponent.

:: Your opponent takes the difference in Effect, off of either Alertness (Some Psychic, all Authority, some Unarmed or Melee, and some Magic), or Performance (anything not listed under Alertness).
:: Any Fight Dice not used (Contingency Dice) by your opponent (or vice-versa) in the Fight can be expended (whole die) to entirely negate any Effect you may have won over them.
:: Once Penalties accrue, they are applied directly to the Results of rolled dice (not your Contingency dice held in reserve), sometimes eliminating your ability to Fight at all. These penalties affect all remaining Result Dice, so it is possible for a Condition Penalty to end a fight while the opponent is still conscious, for instance. The Fight has simply left them/you,. etc.

If you or your opponent are eliminated from the Fight (Condition One or Zed), make your Quality Roll (2d12).

:: On a White Result: No further action is possible, and your sequence ends.
:: On a Black Result: You are prevented from any action, but your sequence isn't yet complete.
:: Red (or better): Locus may be consumed to act on a 1:1 ratio.
:: Orange: Regain up to 1d -- You've still got a bit of Fight left in you after all
:: Yellow: Regain up to 2d
:: Green: Regain up to 3d
:: Blue: Regain up to 4d
:: Violet: Regain up to 5d, and one Locus point -- 'Fool! You thought you could defeat me?!'

If you are still active at the end of a Fight (even in lousy shape), you regain all of your Fight Dice and can/may enter another Fight Scene.

Any unused Contingency Dice may be used to recover one Condition Level, per die.
:: Saving even only one Fight Die may just save your character's life.