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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

O/A/D&D Saving Throws: Energy Type; Alternate Method

Saving Throws & Damage

This originally came to me in a 3.x, three-category saves model, but since Hasbro is doing this to us, -- instead, here is the O/AD&D version.

TL;DR Takeaway: fast, flexible, player-facing damage/effect determination.

When a power word, or glyph, or similar energy effect (MA/GW) confronts a character, the appropriate D&D type Save is attempted.  On a success, the figure takes one-half their Save Number (or none, depending upon the specifics determined by the DM), whereas failure results in the character's full Save number.

Both the Save number and the resultant damage can be modified independently so as to lower the number, but increase damage on a failure, or conversely, to increase the number but cap the maximum damage sustained, or any combination thereof.

Challenges to the premise are welcome.  :D