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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Hey, Love,

If you haven't already seen it, I'd like to recommend, Logan Lucky.
A comedy with some wild fun.

Okay, that's it babe,

After we ate there, you let me know, with smiles, and other wiles, it was time to go.

We took an uber back home.  The trees a collage of greys and whichever season their foliage would shelter our eyes from what manner of structures lay behind --them.  Roughly thirty minutes later, we drove up to the garage, disembarked, thanked Juanita for her service and together walked the door.

Central cluster of furniture, in neutral colours, a sense of casual disuse and almost topical clutter
-- passed by as you led me upstairs.

Afterwards, as we lay, hazel on brown orbs gazed one another; finger play, and silent laughter.
Lips met together.

Tour and banter, my comments, your answers; always your eyes, my compass needle did guide.

Awkward, -- almost anticlimax, settle in, and order out,
-- no, I offered to show my mastery
-- ah, perhaps a grocery order was the order of the day...

Still that early reassurance-seeking, under couch blanket, distracted TV watching,

-- already another lovemaking on our minds.