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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abbekqorru and their Bows-

The Abbekqorru are a group of species of Bear-Wolf-like starfaring creatures renown for their tenacity, ferocity, and honour. Those that were stranded upon Urutsk during the Latter Summer Era (after having been hired by the Aelbaan to act as peacekeepers) took to the wilds as their military training well taught them. As powered items failed, it became necessary for them to 'go native' with weapons constructed out of re-purposed tech items as well as Urutskan materials. These bows are a cross-section of the sorts employed:

Self Bow: 13 Str/BDY
Damage: 1d6+1d4P
Range: 300' (240' Earth)

Tech Bow: 14 Str/BDY
Damage: 1d8+1d6P
Range: 355' (266' Earth)

Long Bow: 15 Str/BDY
Damage: 2d6+2P
Range: 450' (360' Earth)

Recurved: 18 Str/BDY
Damage: 2d8+4P
Range: 536' (402' Earth)

Mechanically speaking, one can approximate an Abbekqorru in AD&D by adding together the stats for a Bugbear and an Orc, and allowing for levels in either Ranger or Thief, depending upon wilderness or technological bent. Each Ranger level counts as an additional HD, but Thief levels only count as 3/4 HD (+3HD for Thief 4). Ranger Magics should be understood as a combination of Wilderness Rapport and Alchemical Artifice. Clerics are rare (1:100), and each level counts as +2 HD for XP calculations, and would worship Humanoid deities.

Unlike either Bugbears or Orcs, Abbekqorru are perfectly rational and honourable creatures, making them more likely to operate in the L+N sphere of the Alignment spectrum. Contracts are vital to interactions with them, and breach of contract is mightily detested, marking the offending party out as lifetime enemies of the given clans/tribes.

Str 2d6+7, Con 2d6+8, Dex 2d6+5, Int 3d6-1, Wis 2d6+6, Cha = Str