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Saturday, March 23, 2024

You have left an indelible mark upon me, Love

Moon Beams
(C) 2024 Kyrinn S. Eis  All Rights Reserved Worldswide

[Lyrics] Sunlit Rain

I wrote this album's-worth of lyrics: IMPOSSIBLE SUN
A Cyberpunk-dystopia turned supernatural horror story as The Burn arrives in the Sol system.
Android revolution features heavily, but also the effects of The Burn's influence upon those humans who wouldn't, or couldn't, leave Terra in time...

Here's one of the tamer, shorter ones:


(C) 2022 Kyrinn S. Eis
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Every time: it's raining
The public terminal
Mr Goldpants
Pouring, lightning...

You buzz through: a
blue ghostly hologram
"Hello darling, home soon?"
I mouth the words each time.

Feet wet, standing in a creek
ProDrones navigate through the rain
while amateurs wait it out.
--A meatwagon just flew by.

I gather my trench at my throat
and step out into warm rain
you wouldn't believe what floats
out from these flooded drains.

Kids, 12 made to look 15, with
neon threads woven through their
skin, pulsating as they Mood.
They laugh, high on 25zed.

A palm frond drops before me
I look up for coconuts, then
laugh as a drop hits my eye.

Rotating presence lights
METRO spinners crawl overhead
:: Red, White, Blue ::
You can feel the piezo hatred

I ford the street river to Omnistar
hotel and mall on the waterfront
Everyone in line for the lifts
is soaked through and through

Shy smiles and soft jokes lead to
drinks first among many, dwindle few
then pairs and triples peel off for
hours of the self-delude

Even if they are there when you wake
There's always something wrong
Doesn't matter gender, parts, or RAM
They're never who you thought at the bar.

Then the sim has run its course, the
menu starts in focus: [Exit]-or-[Restart]
I see the skeletons and debris haven't
changed, and though I am thirsty, I'll
wait a while -- after this next play.

Outside is a junkheap, shrouded in smog
Only radio works who knows why or when
A new mythology has sprung up, based
on King and Koontz and Lansing, too.

The things in the smog, they'll get you
learn the songs to -get -you -through:
seven charm words to defeat them all,
or burn in turn in their seven hells.

This time, though, I wonder:
'What would I do in the smog,
if I were the hero?'
-- and I pause...