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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Urutsken Creature (Dual-Stat):

By house-artist Silvia (c) Alternate Reality Games


:: Seloud 'Subtle Intelligent People of the Waters'

1/2 to 16+HD | (68)HP | 04AC | 1/2HD#d8 Constrict | 80' Land | 480' Swim

Menace Rating: 04 to 144+ (Average listed below)
FD: 8d8 | DP: 64 | DEF: +06 | ARM: 1d8 | DMG: 4d8 Constrict | MOV: 10/60

:: The Seloud ("Seh Lo Ood") are highly intelligent, furred and temperature-regulating, cephalopod-like creatures possessing a seamed cartilaginous brain pod which allows them to squeeze under a gap of (1/4" or 0.67 Snk) per (HD/FD). With any number between five and twelve suckered or 'fingered' highly dexterous arms (1d6+15 Dex/AGL), the Cephalomalian family of creatures are naturally adept at manipulating the most delicate and puzzling of mechanical objects, let alone hunting aquatic prey. While metabolic carnivores, it is well documented that the Seloud ingest aqua-flora, and some types promote the growth of such upon their bodies, both as camouflage, as well as to attract smaller prey to them. The most extraordinary capabilities of the Seloud are their land-crossing and tree-climbing tendency, being able to remain outside of the water for 4 Hours per (HD/FD), although few will ever venture far from whatever water they prefer (pure, brackish, or sea), and their aquatic creature control. This control functions (as per Charm Animal spell at [HD+1] Caster Level) through the flow of chemical-laden ink, and totals no more than (HD/FD) of such creatures (fish, crustaceans, etc.) in a (15' per HD/2 Msnk per FD). In addition, each two (HD/FD) of the creature grants it 1 (HD/FD)-worth of 'pet' that is permanently under its control, like a living tool. The Seloud are clever enough to elude most hunters/fishers and will only show themselves to Human/oids when they estimate they could take them in combat. With such a mindset, Cephalomalians of great size and age will consider business interactions under favourable conditions, but are highly suspicious of others motivations. From 8 (HD/FD) on, the Seloud begin to exhibit Psionic capabilities, and Empathy and Telepathy are common in those creatures. They are fond of alcohol and other Human/oid vices, and are known to 'shake-down' craft transporting such luxury cargo.