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Monday, March 2, 2015

Sunday March 1st 2015

Starship Security remain at their post, depleting all Imperial medical goods.  The cryotubes are giving them organ failure.  They cyborg themselves until they are virtually liches.  Nearly 2,000 years.  Their brains rot away, so they use hard drives to record everything.  They finally meet other Security Personnel, and ask to be relieved.  They eject their hard drives and 'die'.  The personalities in the drives ask to be reincarnated by the Aelbaan Ice Mage.  Two come back as Vrun (yay for them).  One comes back Dokirin, asks for a retry.  Comes back as a Yirinn-Yaesh; asks to come back.  Comes back full blooded Aelbaan.  Happy enough to be one of the Allied People.  The fourth officer comes back as a Halbean (Western Isles Vrun) and is happy, too.

Other things happened, too.