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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Other Colonies and the Marnharnnan Megadungeon-

Contact with the Vrun colonies to the north of Xudorn have had mixed results, including a rather humorous mix-up which resulted in a great set of scenes wherein the beaten person of a rather loquacious con-man escaped from Vrun Naval authorities into a Stinktown brothel, only to be rescued by the charming ladies within. Waifs, too, were rescued and given good homes in Xudorn, and other good things besides have occurred.

The Black Sphere, power source of Skullcrusher Mountain, has been disposed of into the Shadow Plane, and through a dream, Commander Ssu Rosenbrad has gained the formula for cleansing affected soil of the lower planar radiations they have absorbed. Saint Rel, posthumous hero of the Upthrust Campaign, has appeared to Commander Roland Peltier and completely healed him of said irradiation, triggering Peltier's Imperial Bloodline powers.

Finding a site held by the Dokirin to be a place of reverence wherein are placed items deemed too dangerous by local shaman, the PCs unearthed within barrow mounds Ancient technologies and the partially mummified remains of former Marnharnnans, including a Durnsman and his metal holy book. A second exploration, including five security, and ten technical specialists accompanied the PCs to a set of great doors set into the ground. Upon entering the vast vault, those in attendance witness a site larger than Xudorn and environs, two hundred feet down. Their initial exploration yielded little in the way of scavenged tech, but has stranded them in the midst of waves of ravenous and fleet-footed undead. Local indigenous Humanoids have bound themselves to the PCs in exchange for their protection and provision. These same have disclosed that this site is but one small fraction of the total underground area.